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Effective Ways Of Mobile Marketing For Startups

Effective Ways Of Mobile Marketing For Startups

Mobiles have stormed the market big time. It is growing at a neck breaking speed. Most of the people are glued on to mobiles these days, it is not an option anymore, it has become a necessity. Those who are not optimizing their websites for mobile will be left far behind in this race.

Grab the key to success, go Mobile.

Having understood that Mobile is the future in Digital Marketing. Let’s take a look at smart and effective ways to target Mobiles.

Build an appropriate presence  – various options are:

  1. Have a Website which is mobile responsive/adaptive.
  2. Go in for a mobile website.
  3. Have an app, which would mean that the website doesn’t need a browser to open. While building app, take a call on whether to go in for hybrid kind of a system or a native app. Native is more expensive but at the same time a seamless experience. From all practicalities, hybrid is more workable. So, choose your option.

Invest in a good Analytics platform- see what is happening on the website, understand people’s behavior. Depending on the type of presence, have analytics. While analyzing, closely look at the following:

  1. If you have an app, see who all are uninstalling, understand reasons for doing this to fine tune the app.
  2. If an app or mobile web is there, test it on varied mobile devices for parameters like screen size, OS, browser, networks.
  3. Check the behavior of people in terms of dropouts/exits/bounces.

Make it faster to access – people are impatient, give them a good experience. Keep loading time benchmark of less than 2 seconds. Don’t make your website too heavy, give weightage to quality and not to quantity of data.

SEO for Mobile – Get organic traffic for your mobile. There are few unique things while doing SEO for mobiles.

ASO (App Store Optimization) – When loading your apps on app store, give the apps header, descriptions, a few screenshots, and a category intelligently. Think about what will people search for, look at search history, and use more of those words. While selecting the category, look at highly searched but less competitive categories.

Integration with Social – tap different platforms (Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.) with which you would like to integrate. Let your app / website be discovered. Make sure that the feeds on your app can be shared with various platforms.

Referral – lots of businesses run different schemes, so get references, go viral.

Use google ads platform to the hilt – Pick & choose from different hosts of ad formats and extensions which google offers like:

  1. Mobile text ads
  2. Mobile image ads
  3. Call only ads
  4. Call Extensions
  5. App Promotion ads
  6. Video ads (YouTube)

Use Facebook promotion – More than 50% of users access face book from Mobiles. There are 9 different campaign types ranging from giving visibility to your website, to driving traffic to facilitating conversions etc. The ads do very well on mobile as they occupy the majority of the space, they can’t’ be missed. On all these platforms, ad sizes are compatible with the screen sizes. Targeting is also quite varied, explore them.

Run ads on Twitter – Twitter ads have arrived in India. Create and run ads on twitter, which are of multiple types with unique targeting options. Cost is on higher side but results can be outstanding.

Try mobile specific ad & affiliate networks – One of the multiple options is InMobi.

Learn from companies & adopt – Go through the case studies, be flexible in your approach. People use multiple screens, look at the pairing options. Twitter also has the ability to pair your ads while a certain program is on.

Do it now, Leverage the mobile market, get your mobile marketing strategy in place and experience the sheer delight of moving towards your business goals.

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