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HR Tech Trends: Reshaping The Future Today

HR Tech Trends: Reshaping The Future Today

Many organisations and industry leaders are now realising the impact of HR tech trends in the actual efficiency and productivity of manpower. The implementation of HR technology is currently gaining momentum which is said to now shape and debunk tradition in terms of the new standards of work per se. Businesses are now combining the synergy of human resources and technology to rake in the benefits.

What this “New Work Concept” All About

This “new work concept” revolved around the idea that employees are considerably more efficient, time-savvy, and driven when they are virtually connected. Customers, on the other hand, greatly benefit from this as their queries and concerns are addressed away with customer service representatives or sales personnel who are always on. More so, a lot of companies are eyeing their recruitment bait to individuals who are accurate, skilled, and tech-savvy.

This helped set the pace for any given industry. Although there were a few setbacks for those who couldn’t quickly cope up with the rate things are going in terms of speed and efficiency. This also resulted in an evenly distributed organisation that focusses more on collaboration and healthy competition.

Evidently, this so-called new pace or phase of work also requires advancements or innovation specifically from the HR management. Rather than cringe in doubt or get paralysed with inadequacy or fear, this innovation has actually set the stage for HR proponents to adapt to the modern times and respond to the call for a remodelled HR system that works seamlessly with technology.

This created an opportunity for HR to step up its game. This paved the way for different cloud-based applications which serve as a platform for organisations to be able to provide efficient and up-to-date HR system processes and information.

With the combination of research, knowledge, skills, and experience, many HR organisations are now able to provide the groundwork for HR technology trends that impact other organisations today.

Here’s what has improved with HR tech trends in place (so far).

HR Integration With The Cloud

Although the cloud concept has been here for some time; it is still considered to be in its infancy. Nearly, a majority of all HR software vendors offer cloud-based solutions or cloud computing. Cloud integration helps immensely in terms of innovations, cost reduction, faster updates, less downtime, increased flexibility, and the hassle of making constant system upgrades. Instead of manually doing the upgrade, the vendor would do automatic upgrades right on schedule and when necessary.

The most commonly used and popular cloud-based HR solutions software would include Oracle, Workday, ADP, SAP, Infor, and Ultimate Software; to name some. You get a seamless and flawlessly integrated HR landscape that provides you with the overall benefits of the cloud without necessarily breaking the bank.

Cloud computing should be in combination with vendor mobile solutions that provides that “anytime, anywhere type of service delivery that clients would greatly benefit from (and benefits many businesses too over the long haul). This is a key factor or critical component when shopping for HR tech solutions that offer cloud computing.

Mobile-enabled HR Solutions

The use of mobile apps in the HR sector could be fairly novel at this point but the integration of SaaS and cloud-based apps have managed to change the HR landscape in a short span of time. The popularity of mobile apps with today’s generation or millennial employees have greatly improved self-service.

The digital crowd has become more dependent on the use of mobile apps for the daily hustle and bustle which may very well also include applying for jobs. They would usually apply for jobs with the use of their mobile devices; which to them is practically convenient and cost-effective.

This is why many companies are now tapping into mobile apps and even mobile games. It has transcended now from mere mobile versions of their own system to mobile apps that are relatively functional and easy to use.

Updating HR Tech Strategies

Many companies have been operating using old and barren technologies or strategies that have not been updated for a couple of years. This could have been due to ERP systems which are usually very costly and would take so much time and energy to implement – until recently. This has been changed by the boom of different HR application vendors such as Mettl, which offers a wide range of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.

The emergence of Software as a Service (SaaS): In line with keeping HR tech strategies up-to-date, recent studies have found that the use of SaaS applications can double in a matter of two years.

This application would, in fact, be a dominant player in the implementation of different HR applications which consist of recruitment, training, payroll, benefits, and analytics; to name some. Hundreds of these HR service vendors would be flocking the market which is actually a great advantage because there would be more options to choose from. This provides variety in terms of products and services as well as flexibility with prices too.

Analytics at work: Many companies do not yet realise the value of analytics in HR until recently. This enables strengthening of internal capability and also demonstrates great ROI which is critical in decision making.

Increased employee engagement: It’s hard to find engaged employees and makes it even more difficult to keep great talent in the industry which posed a lot of challenge for many companies. Employers are now looking into technology to help out in this department or specifically in workforce training and development. Many employers are exploring ways to provide engagement that cater to a wide variety of employee demographics.

HR tech can definitely help by offering integrated solutions that will keep you abreast with innovation that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition. Technology is very agile and accelerating at great speed which should be compensated by a competitive and effective HR technology. To drive change into any organisation, it is important to invest in an HR technology platform that will keep you at par with industrial trends.

[This post by Shreya first appeared on Mettl’s official blog and has been reproduced with permission.]

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