The History Of Web Design [1990-2014]

The History Of Web Design [1990-2014]

Despite being just a quarter of a century old, the internet is regarded by many as the most significant human discovery since cavemen made fire. In fact, it’s now pretty much unfathomable to consider life without a connection to the web. 

Despite its relatively short life span to date, it’s fascinating to look to the internet’s origins and consider just how much things have changed in that short period. The continued innovation of online pioneers has continued to pushed the boundaries of what’s possible..

This new infographic, created by the guys at AmeriCommerce, explores some of the primary trends we’ve seen in web design since the 1990s. It explores some of the popular fashions and fads that have dominated during this period – from text-heavy websites in 16 colours, to flashing ads, all the way through to the modern popularity of flat design.



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