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Out With A Fragmented App Approach, In With Integrated Ecosystem

Out With A Fragmented App Approach, In With Integrated Ecosystem

With the recent Uri attacks, emotions of freedom and its meaning are flowing around everywhere, hence it is befitting to discuss the same in a domain where most people haven’t pictured these yet. Let us talk about the product that is eating the whole world – yes, we are talking about software.

Even people who are new to software will notice the sheer amount of change that has come around in the world economy, labour markets, currency valuations and more, solely by the influence and discretion of software prowess. However, what becomes hard to notice for many people is that there is a silent revolution underway in the whole domain.

What we are talking about is the shift from a fragmented approach to an integrated one.

Different Verticals, Different Apps

Before you start thinking about questions such as what is the need for this, why is a change required, let us consider a very simple real-life case study. Take the following phrases and see what comes to mind while thinking about them – ‘Discover what is happening around me’, ‘Chat with my group of friends’, ‘Discuss and plan for a group activity’ & ‘Split and share money with a friend’.

If you look closely, these four action aspects pretty much sum up your daily social lifestyle, especially considering the busy lives that we lead nowadays.

However, prevalent legacy platforms and systems have been mostly confined to one vertical in each of these cases. For example, you have about two apps like PVR cinemas, BookMyShow, in your phone for checking out the movies and events running in town. About three different apps like Burrp! Yelp and Zomato, for checking out the best restaurants to go to and the deals to avail. And lastly, messaging apps like Whatsapp, FB Messenger to chat with your group of friends regarding these planned activities.

Now, each of these apps perform specific functions as stated above, suited to their use case. However, in a dynamic and real-time social scenario, you will find yourself juggling between multiple apps/web pages, taking screenshots/copying text and then performing the desired intended series of actions.

There has to be a smarter way to go about it. Do we really need so many apps? Keeping the subjective part aside, let us take a look at some hard numbers.

Consider this fantastic report compiled by TheNextWeb on the fragmented Android market or this detailed analysis by ContractIQ on the vendors and variety of software suites out there and things get clear, don’t they? We believe it is time to solve this pain point now.

Welcome To The Integrated Ecosystem For Apps

In light of the above, ask yourself, why should we remain limited to the old approach and use more time in juggling between different apps and systems? Why not go for a more advanced ecosystem style approach?


This is the approach that a lot of new age products advocate in terms of complete app flow. Not only does this approach help you save valuable time, it also maintains just one point of contact in terms of the interacting system. Computer Science geeks will understand the enormous value of this feature.

A very simple example – in the US, your Facebook messenger app allows you to call a cab on Uber without leaving the chat window. The result is that you save both time and energy by completing all the planning touch points from within the chat window with your friend.

Getting back to the phrases we discussed earlier, let us combine the vertical sections of the app market into a single app such as Mypoolin, and perceive the awesomeness that we get!

Different Verticals, One App

Discovery of events, activities, restaurants, deals: By exploring the best movies, events, deals, restaurants and outings around you. Also checking out the details required under one neat and seamless flow without jumping between multiple apps

Discussing, planning and chatting: While choosing whatever activity you want to go for, after checking what’s trending, what is recommended, what do your friends like & much more, all at one place. And inviting your group of friends to add them to the group to discuss and plan together. Also, chatting on the same app to see who is in and who is out.

Splitting and sharing money from any account: Splitting the costs for your activities (whether before or after) and everyone can put in their own share directly using the means linked to their bank account. Avoiding the hassle of making excel sheets/notes and even setting reminders. Letting a single solution handle everything is the ultimate nirvana.

No account details required: Not only that, with the Mypoolin app, there is no need to share bank details such as IFSC code, bank account number etc.

I am sure you will find that the old fragmented apps scenario pales in comparison to this integrated solution when it comes to seamlessly navigating your social lifestyle. Time to say ‘ahoy’ to freedom and welcome this silent revolution towards an integrated future!