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How New Entrepreneurs Can Leverage The Power Of Social Media

How New Entrepreneurs Can Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Social Media Is Not Just About LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, And Google Plus

For a new entrepreneur it’s a very different life! You already have lot on your platter and you will encounter a new dare every day. And then you are bombarded with something that everyone else is doing it, Social Media is no more the buzz word. It’s the need of the hour. The next question is how does a new entrepreneur find out how to best use social media to market the business and which all platforms will make sense? While there is no straight forward answer or a one size fits all approach, a few general recommendations can help you find your place.

The LFTG approach

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Google+ are the most common social media platforms. It’s easy to setup the accounts but you really need to be active on these platforms. Linkedin is a professional platform – connect with the peer group, prospective customers & industry leaders. Be direct about the expertise that your business brings to the table but again – strictly be professional.

Facebook allows you to be more conversational and less formal. Create a Facebook page and showcase your offerings. Keep the content and communication relevant and use the platform to generate leads for your new business. Twitter’s tweets are limited to 140 characters – share your article links of your blog – follow the industry leaders and ensure that you follow the right audience for your business. Don’t forget to communicate by linking, communicating with the tweets relevant to your business.

Like all social networks, Google Plus presents an opportunity to connect with a community of customers and industry influencers. Use Google My Business to make your brand more visible in local search results!

The Other Important Social Media Platforms

Other social media platforms like Pinterest, SlideShare, YouTube, Instagram, Foursquare etc. can actually play an important role in promoting your business. However, there are plenty of social media platforms that only cater to a range of interest. Decide what works for your business.

Content is King, Queen, And Everything Else!

Be relevant, be creative, be focussed, ensure compelling posts & articles – once again relevant for your prospective customers. Ensure that you provide your prospective customers and readers with information they can’t find anywhere else, keep this information crisp and to the point. The prospective customer of your products / services will primarily be interested in what your business / offering can do for them and the value you add to them. If your posts add value, they will more likely to follow you and become your customer.

Engagement Is The Key

Sharing or posting on social media is about starting a conversation! Encourage prospective customers to voice their opinion, offer them discounts, freebies, trial accounts etc. Answer their queries, concerns and ensure that you are prompt as well. Use technologies like chatbots to ensure that you are present for your prospective customers all the time.

A Word Of Caution

Be fresh, be regular and be there to respond to questions and feedback quickly. Don’t go over board or overwhelmed and start with select social media platforms. Social media is a vast ocean – you determine where and how you want to swim there.

Take Professional Help!

As an entrepreneur you will have your hands in too many places, consider bringing a professional or industry specialist to handle your Social Media. This will also let you focus on other facets of your business without worrying about missing out on valuable customer.

Social media is important and no one can deny the relevance it had for any business. Please remember just because others are doing it, you should also be doing it, is not the correct strategy. Don’t be one in the herd blindly following what others do. By clearly setting up your social media visions and goals you can harness great success on the platforms.

[This post by Abhishek Shah first appeared on ThugStart and has been reproduced with permission.]