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7 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Movie – Sultan

7 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Movie – Sultan

On a Wednesday evening, realising I needed a break, I took myself out for a movie with a bunch of friends. Little had I known that Salman Khan’s or rather Bhai as we affectionately call him, embodiment as a wrestler would entertain and inspire me so very deeply. All I could take back from the movie was my share of much needed refreshment and a lot of heartening lessons that have very well forced me to reflect on myself. Here’s a little bit of Sultan as I saw it:

Your Goals Matter

Sultan 1

As Charles Bukowski rightly put “Find what you love and let it kill you” One of the things I envisaged earlier on in my life was how significant my goals and dreams are. And the idea was romanticised rather beautifully in this movie.In pursuance of something, your goals, no matter how unrealistic, make all that difference in your life. Does it drive you crazy? Does it make you want to wake up in the morning? If yes, you’re doing it right.

Your Personal Life Matters Too

sultan 2

Halfway through the movie, gripped by the impinging emotional chords that the movie struck with me, I realised how essential it was to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Sure, work is important. But never more important than your loved ones. After all, when it all goes up in flames, family is all you got.

Be Confident, Not Arrogant

Let’s face it; success can be addictive and indulging. Once you develop a taste for caviar, you can’t really digest sausages, can you? It’s only human to let success get the best of us. One of the vital lessons I learnt and introspected upon post watching this movie was my idea of confidence and arrogance. Confidence builds you up, arrogance destroys you. Confidence is knowing your weaknesses; arrogance is assuming you don’t have any.

Determination Is Strength

sultan 4

Believe in yourself and you can do incredible things. Nothing is unachievable, if you believe it’s possible. There is no such thing as a shortcut. Hell, not even reaching the moon. We, human beings, are blessed with a life of innumerable possibilities. Believe you can, and you will.

Keep Your Friends Close


Throughout the movie, the character of Govind made me reminiscent about my close friends who’ve helped me grow and supported me through thick and thin. Your friends are your second family and you should never put them behind. Everyone needs a Govind in their life. Cherishing the bond that you share with your friends and celebrating it, is of utmost importance. And the idea was rendered charmingly by our favourite Govind.

Know Your Competitors


Certainly, your strengths and hard work is essentially the most vital to lead your way to success. However, studying your competitors, knowing their strengths and weaknesses is an equal decisive factor. Sultan teaches us just that in this movie.

Let Yourself Be Your Only Competitor


Sultans ego almost destroys his dreams. Complacency is the death of the fighter in you. Overcome yourself and strive to be a better version of you, one step at a time and marvellous things will happen. Comparing yourself to others impedes self development and nothing can be worse than that. Conquer these demons and turn them into splendid butterflies of a better you and always remember that there is always more to achieve and learn in this world.

A terrific movie overall, with lessons that could change your perception about a lot of things.