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Entrepreneur Health Guide: 10 Steps To A Healthier You

Entrepreneur Health Guide: 10 Steps To A Healthier You

Work is important. And, if you are an entrepreneur fighting to get your idea to put a ding in the world, you automatically have all reasons to work extra hard, for longer hours and until you are done with all the tasks at your disposal. But, while working, most entrepreneurs tend to lose track of time and that of their health as well. But, you need to realise that you can work if and only if you are healthy enough. No, you don’t need to get all ripped up with a six pack, but, also, you should not be towing away with yourself half a quintal of those extra fatty layers.

So, keep battling the odds until they are favorable for you, but, meanwhile use the following tips to adopt a better lifestyle and discover a healthier YOU.

Head Out to the gym


As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to take out any time from your hectic schedule. Board meetings, pitching sessions and data analysis just eat up all the time. But, squeezing out a little time for working out is not just essential, but also necessary to stay healthy. Besides calming your mind, exercising also releases hormones that make you feel happier and relieve off some stress. So, just head outside and go for a short jog or for a workout at the gym.

Grab Some Good Sleep


While you are working hard building your startup, it gets difficult even to find time even to sleep. But, you need to realise that working for long hours makes your body and mind tired. During sleep our body not only takes rest, but also repairs and heals itself. Also, being deprived of sleep not only makes your irritated but also, decreases your productivity.

Do not eat just anything. Eat healthy.


Almost all of us forget to take care of our eating habits while we are busy at work. So, we don’t care if we are eating a sugar loaded Ice cream late at night or binging on a fat filled serving of the extra cheesy pizza. These might taste delicious but the unhealthy stuff coupled with long and stressing working hours wrecks havoc inside your body making you bloated, distracted and even more sleepy.

Fruits contain a good supply of energy along with vitamins and minerals that keep you going and also maintain ideal blood sugar and blood pressure levels. So, always keep a supply of fresh fruits, juices or other healthier options with yourself when you know your going to be SUPER-busy.

Your Eyes Need Rest Too


Be it preparing the pitches to present to the investors or analysing the startup’s marketing strategy impact, not only entrepreneurs, but everyone forget the strain that eyes have to bear in order to focus on the same illuminated digital screens for most hours of the day.

Make it a rule to look outside the window for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes you look at the screen. Or alternate your tasks between paperwork and digital work. Also, try and get a pair of anti-glare glasses to reduce the glare from the screen.

Avoid the caffeine


Waking up till late at night, sipping cup after cup of tea or coffee to keep working is also not a good choice. Caffeine, the world’s most frequently consumed psychoactive drug, just subdues tiring signals from your brain to the body. This in turn helps you feel fresh and active after sipping on caffeine rich drinks. But since our body is good at adapting, so, over a longer period of time, caffeine simply stops working. Also, caffeine dehydrates the body, thus you would get a buzz of energy followed by fatigue in the subsequent hours.

But, if you are addicted to coffee or tea, try switching to Green tea which contains less caffeine and is a healthier alternative.

Drink Water. Stay Healthier.


Water makes two thirds of our body and affects cent percent of its functioning. Water, the best thirst quencher, has also been known to be a refreshing liquid. Drinking water every 30 minutes will not only keep you hydrated but will also keep you active and refreshed for longer times. Keeping your body well supplied with ample amount of water will also keep your muscles healthier and reduce the burden on the kidneys and liver by helping them flush out waste products. Also, it will help you overcome dehydration triggered headaches. So much for just one colourless, tasteless and odourless liquid. So, Keep sipping!

Maintain a good posture


The worst thing you can do to your body while working is maintain an absurd posture. Sitting in a not so comfortable posture tires your body early and also stresses out your back. So, fix your desktop at an ideal distance and angle, set your chair at an ideal height, sit straight and then work.

Maintain a steady work speed and avoid putting off everything till the eleventh hour


Though this might be easier said than done, but, as much as possible work at a steady speed beforehand and comfortably complete your projects well within the stipulated time instead of leaving it all for the last day. This will save you from staying up all night. Although you might be able to complete your work somehow, but the extraordinary efforts put in terms of longer work timings just before the deadline will actually affect your health, badly.

Lighten Up the work load. Use some music.


Music has known to be a natural healer. Soft, light music can help calm your mind and make you feel relaxed. Take short breaks while working and utilise them to listen to music, talk to your friends and family or make a small trip to the park or the grocery store nearby.

Control the Booz and the ciggie.


This might be the toughest of all the tips. But, as much as possible stay away from smoking, drinking or any other addictions. Though, it might be fun to have a drink sometimes or so, but, boozing heavily and passing out regularly is not a good option. Also, avoid smoking, as besides being carcinogenic, it also decreases your lung’s oxygen capacity and dilates blood vessels which have a harmful effect on muscles as well as other internal organs.

But, if you already find it difficult to keep yourself away from these addictions, try to minimise their consumption and make your move for a healthier body.

Did we miss out on something? Comment below to let us know.

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