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The Emergence Of New Technologies Master The Art Of High-Touch Customer Support

The Emergence Of New Technologies Master The Art Of High-Touch Customer Support

The evolution of technology embarks on tech-savvy customer requests, increasing business’ bottom line. So, as you toast to the New Financial Year, customers have got acclimatized to ingenious ways of customer service techniques and approaches. Some enterprises are extracting the most out of robust technologies like the cloud, CRM, and mobile web, to enrich user-experiences; but what’s keeping the rest from adopting the same to create better customer support?

According to Forrester reports, only 29% of enterprises are currently investing in proactive technologies. As a matter of fact, businesses fail to harness their power, whether at the front end or the back end; but when these innovations are fully leveraged as indispensable tools of customer service, the outcome will be phenomenal.

In the age of the customer, technology has grown by leaps and bounds, exuding a human touch in every aspect of customer support. A variety of customer service tools are spread across numerous channels; and strongly signify ‘technology’ as the linchpin of SMBs and enterprises that are brave enough to test the waters. The pipeline is constantly being stimulated with further advances, and has scope to creatively disrupt the business world, resulting in better business operations, processes, and services of tomorrow.

Applications like Tweetdeck encourage companies to simultaneously manage multiple Twitter engagements and profiles. Cloud-based contact centres are a valuable example of transforming the traditional ho-hum system, of collecting useful data along the path of service, into an agile mechanism to track customer behavior on-the-go.

Accelerate your customer journey

Customers today are spoilt for choice; and creating a satisfactory customer experience can help brands move across a series of exemplary stages – starting with ‘awareness’ and ending with ‘delight’. It’s never been easy for brands to deliver real-time individual response and create authentic relationship with customers. But that’s the way the current business world functions; and having said that, companies like Amazon. com have advanced their position in global market by adopting stable technologies to power up cross-channel journey. Bringing in multi-channel and cloud centre packages like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows the tech support team to handle large volumes of customer database without commotion.

Offer customer support in human-ways

Essentially, findings show that while 67% of customers work independently, 44% of them still believe that a live chat function is an integral part of customer service. To build a real connection with customers, it’s important for companies to integrate cloud technology with software like Freshdesk and Salesforce, that create a central hub through which all communication channels are funnelled, thus eliminating human error and restoring faith in technology. From using simple chat pop-ups to CRMs that streamline business communications, contact centres can effortlessly create a human touch in all things customer service.

Personalize the user-experience

Smart companies have been cutting teeth to seamlessly customize and personalize their contact centre services. has personalized the email with a contact name, which makes the recipient (read: customer) feel special. Now that’s surely a great move to begin with, right? A decade ago, phone and email were, increasingly, the popular tools of communication. Fortunately, things have changed for the better – and it’s a plausible thought for companies to also bank on nimble technologies like WebRTC, that support real-time communication in browser-to-browser apps for voice calling, video chat and instant file sharing, because response-time lies at the core of sharp customer service. Additionally, expansion of non-intrusive communication tools like Chatbot is what we call – technology innovation at its best.

Unify customer service channels

As our world changes, so does the customer expectations. Successfully, technology can help us do that. Optus is an outstanding example of a company that is patronizing new technologies to manage all of its customer support channels into a unified platform. To set forth this innovation, the company was crowned the ‘global king of social media customer service’ at the International Contact Center Awards.

On that note, the fundamental truth is human beings helping other human beings is a ‘barrier to customer exit’. Instituting new technology systems involve human interactions to the extent that can keep the quality of support intact and offer a homogeneous customer experience across industries. The end point to consider is the inherent nature of technology and its constant adjustments, which has revolutionized the contact centre support over the years and will continue to do so.

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