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Communicate Better At Your Workplace By Following These 10 Tips

Communicate Better At Your Workplace By Following These 10 Tips

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The workplace scenario is changing rapidly. Yes, we are evaluated, shortlisted, interviewed and judged at every stage. And it is not just about our knowledge, expertise, training and personality but most of all how well we handle ourselves and others. People skills is  an important asset  to cultivate in the professional world.

What this boils down to most of the time is how well you communicate with your colleagues, bosses, clients, customers and so on. Without clear communication in place, it doesn’t matter how highly skilled you are at your job. Communicating clearly and efficiently in a people driven business is almost half the work done.

There are some basic tenets of communication which everyone should make an effort to follow. We could think of 10 important ones. Check them out below.

1. Understand the protocol and order of priority

Understand your role in the organization and choose your words wisely. This does not mean that you should be afraid to speak your mind. You should make an effort to understand your role and where you fit in the organizational hierarchy. Being courteous and polite always helps when you are speaking to your colleagues and bosses.

2. Know your subject well

You are hired into an organization because your hiring managers think that you are a good fit for them. Understand this and make sure you prepare yourself for the role. Always be updated when it comes to your professional expertise and practice your skills relentlessly. If you come across some new techniques, methods or processes while working, be willing to share this with your colleagues and bosses.

3. Focus on the purpose

Being an efficient communicator is an important criteria. Always know what exactly it is that you want to communicate and convey. Do not beat around the bush and instead arrive at your point immediately. Everyone is busy in office and it makes perfect sense to respect each other’s time and space. Do not be vague in your communication.

4. We are colleagues and not friends

There is a huge difference between your friends in college and those in the workplace. We are not saying that you don’t have fun at the workplace, but always remember the purpose for which you and your colleagues are working. Be serious about your objectives and treat colleagues with respect. Do not take them for granted. Always make sure that you use the right words in the right context.

5. Be a good listener

Good communication is not always about speaking. It also has a lot to do with being a good listener. Always make sure you listen to your colleagues, bosses and customers. A lot of workplace related issues can be avoided by just listening and understanding each other.

6. Be open and clear in expressions

Whether it is verbal or written communication, always strive to be precise and crisp with your choice of words. Professional life is dynamic and hectic. You will be adding a lot of value to your organization and your colleagues by putting across your thoughts in the simplest manner possible. Remove unnecessary words and jargon and always focus on minimalism.

7. Remember the 3 ‘Cs’

  • Be competitive and strive to be a good sport.
  • Be collaborative in a team and while working on projects.
  • Learn to compromise your self-interest sometimes for the betterment of your company.

8. Be an Initiator

Once you have settled into your role in your organisation and have gotten the knack of it, begin to take ownership of stuff that you feel strongly about. Go ahead and identify issues, solve them and let your colleagues know.

9. EQ is more important than IQ

Your IQ may be a measure of how smart you are but your Emotional Quotient (EQ) is something that will help you communicate better with colleagues and clients. You are not robots, you are all humans. Be understanding, caring and empathetic with your colleagues.

10. Networking

Always be on the lookout for new and better opportunities within the company. Make sure that you mix along with all the employees that work in your company rather than sitting alone at your desk and working all day. This will help people know you and the work that you are doing. Similarly, you will also get a better idea about your company and how it works. This knowledge is important if you want to scale the professional ladder. Always have good relations with everyone and help someone out whenever they are in need.

I hope these tenets will help you in your professional aspirations. Good luck!

If you have anything to tell us, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below.

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