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Cheat Sheet To Maintain Work – Life Balance While You Startup

Cheat Sheet To Maintain Work – Life Balance While You Startup

jayneel patelJayneel Patel
Jayneel is the CEO @ OpenXcell, Leading Mobile App Development Company and Orderhive, a SaaS based Multichannel Order and Inventory Management System

You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.

I think Heather Schuck summarizes the whole concept in a brief combination of words. Balance is extremely important in a successful life. Otherwise it is not worth it.

In today’s challenging lives that we lead, it is extremely hard to find that balance, When you are at work you want to fully commit without any personal distraction, when you are at home you want to forget about work completely. But it is much more difficult that it sounds and practicing professionals would agree with me on this part.

Like all my peers and colleagues I too have faced the inevitable problem. After considerable effort and a fair amount of experience, I have come to the following steps to implement for a better Work Life Balance:

  1. Prioritize: No matter how much work you have and how many tasks you have pending on your list, always prioritize. When I talk about tasks, it doesn’t mean it should always be work related. If picking up your wife from somewhere is important and a late night call from the client can be avoided till tomorrow, you should follow the priority.
  2. Budget: While maintain a Work-Life balance, the most limited resource you have at your disposal is ‘Time’. You must budget your time according to the tasks you have and spend your time according to the priority list you made in the first step.
  3. Flexibility: You should always be able to tweak in here and there in your schedule to take up an urgent task. While your work should never suffer due to it, but giving yourself a little slack can do wonders with the temper.
  4. Rest: The moment you reach home, it is your personal life, don’t just turn off one switch to turn on another. It would start to feel like just another job. Take a break, take some rest and with happiness and a smile approach your personal life.
  5. Be Healthy: Sounds like a generic advice but it is one of the most important components of a balanced life. A sound body is the home for a sound mind and a sound mind only can be a happy mind.

In the end it all boils down to the 5 factors: Funds, Family, Friends, Fitness and Faith and the 5 Steps to balance all these as mentioned above. You have to have the vigour towards your work but at the same time have the same enthusiasm towards the things that matter.

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