Why businesses manage calls, the MyOperator way

Why businesses manage calls, the MyOperator way

Its 3am. What wakes me out of deep sleep is a server issue. Vivek called to inform that the server is down. We got in action and the situation was handled in 20 minutes.

On an average, I receive 80 calls every day. If I include 6 other members who handle maximum sales and support responsibility, we handle at-least 500 calls each day, or atleast that would be my best guess.

Thanks to MyOperator, I know we received exactly 1209 calls each day, averaged over last month. Yes, not 500, 145% more than I had roughly estimated.

I have staring at my face, the grave mistake I had been making when I was not tracking business calls!

By the time we were done building MyOperator, I knew that the market needs call management. If I, even with a missed call alert in my phone, could not ensure I attended to all customer calls, there could be no alternative to managing all my business calls.

We had to build the product in a way so that my customers could have all calls accessible like emails. While creating the panel, we knew we were addressing the Indian market. The customer should be able to navigate intuitively. There should be NO programming or setup effort left to the businesses. If I could make the process that seamless, it will sell.

When we finished the first version of our product, we re-assessed the opportunity we had in our hands. We envisioned every business in India with a MyOperator number. We envisioned the multiplicative effect of MyOperator on the bottom lines of all the businesses. We knew the challenge, and it inspired us to find out how to make it better still

200X200 facebookWhen we recruit, we look exactly for this point: attitude. When I receive a call for an HR related query, I do not tell the caller to call another number to reach the HR. I just transfer the call without disconnecting it. MyOperator got this live call transfer facility when we were gearing up our sales hiring. The instances of giving the HR’s number or arranging a call back had increased to the irritable levels.  With live call transfer, calls could be diverted to any other extension within the company by simply pressing a key. Thanks to my HR, who suggested this idea, we brought business communication on MyOperator, one step closer to face-to-face discussions (remember when a moderator passes the mike in a discussion?)

Most of our customers have at-least 2 people responsible for attending to sales and support. This meant these companies needed to see each call their particular department was receiving, on the real time basis. The CEOs needed a summary each evening of the entire business. So we made MyOperator flexible! It means, the sales head would see all the sales calls, the support associate will see all his calls and the CEO will see all the calls of the organization. We saw that this was more than just providing them with their separate access. This was ensuring complete accountability.

With just 3 months in the market, we had over 150 paying customers. Some of them had already used such a system, but switched to us for our customer service. Others were purely attracted to live call transfers. We knew we were doing the right thing. As I write this article, I received a call informing me that we just made 2 more customers. This makes the total of 357 paying customers. We need to move faster. India needs MyOperator. Get your’s here.

About the Author

The article is written by Ankit Jain, Founder at VoiceTree Technologies.

[Editor’s Note: This is part of a sponsored series by VoiceTree. VoiceTree provides complete call management solutions for small businesses to provide simpler affordable telephony.]

Note: The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views held by Inc42, its creators or employees. Inc42 is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by guest bloggers.

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Why businesses manage calls, the MyOperator way-Inc42 Media

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Why businesses manage calls, the MyOperator way-Inc42 Media

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Why businesses manage calls, the MyOperator way-Inc42 Media

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Why businesses manage calls, the MyOperator way-Inc42 Media
Why businesses manage calls, the MyOperator way-Inc42 Media

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