Building rocketfood: Getting The Right Team [Part IV]

Building rocketfood: Getting The Right Team [Part IV]

Building rocketfood: Getting The Right Team [Part IV]

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Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh is the founder of rocketfood. He is an internet savvy person and an admirer of Google. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and community building.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success

Henry Ford

Every startup can relate with the above quote very well. It’s all about having a great team where every individual works independently toward one goal in unison.

From Day 1Abhineet & I were clear about the team we want to frame and the values we want to inculcate. It’s been just over a month and our core team comprises of eight self motivated individuals who have helped us move at a pace which even we didn’t imagine. Kudos to you guys, this one is for you!

As Abhineet explained in the last post how different minute entities collaborate to make a business runit would have been impossible to bring every aspect on the same page and incline it with our vision without “rocketfoodies” (yes, that’s what we call ourselves!).

Most important thing is the transparency among the core team members. We made sure our every business decision has inputs from our core team members and not just the founders. All our team members have the knowledge of how our funds are being utilized. This gives them a sense of ownership because after all, they are the building blocks!  

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There are n no. of different things you need to do when you are building a futuristic company and most of them are the things you identify on the way. We are really lucky to have individuals in our team who take up responsibilities and deliver with a finishing touch. Every member has the same vision of creating an experience which is unseen and unheard before. To do all of that and yet maintain the pace asks a lot. Seriously guys, without your presence we would run around like headless chickens.

We have to postpone our launch by a couple of weeks because of delay in the approval of licences. We wish Indian Government was as quick and efficient as “rocketfoodies” are!

Most of our team members are volunteers and to see these passionate individuals believe in our vision makes us more confident every single day.We can’t even thank Heba, Pragya, Nishu , Yash, Aman & Vikas enough for what they have done in this short period of time.

Apart from our core team, there have been people who have walked the extra mile to help us build rocketfood. We really owe to our designers who have been there to translate our ideas into design and to give us the outlook which we always wanted to have.

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Thank you guys! Let’s change the way India eats!

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Building rocketfood: Getting The Right Team [Part IV]-Inc42 Media

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Building rocketfood: Getting The Right Team [Part IV]-Inc42 Media

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Building rocketfood: Getting The Right Team [Part IV]-Inc42 Media
Building rocketfood: Getting The Right Team [Part IV]-Inc42 Media

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