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The Best Music Genres For Increased Concentration At Work

The Best Music Genres For Increased Concentration At Work

Cut-throat competition, job insecurity, continuous back-biting, and innumerable distractions – spending 12 hours at the workplace has become very difficult and mundane these days.

Moreover, the rising open office culture and growing usage of social media create a noisy work environment which makes it really tough for employees – especially those who’re in sitting jobs, to keep their creative juice flowing.

In such situation, one of the very few solutions that seem to have the power to protect their minds from getting distracted is music. According to a study conducted at the University of Birmingham, music can enhance one’s efficiency by a great margin. So, if you’ve not already tried, give it a shot and you’ll know what difference can music make in your day to day work life.

Here are some of the best music genres/types that you can try for increased concentration and productivity at work.

Classical Music (Baroque)

Since it comes without lyrics, classical music should be on top of your list while putting on headphones. According to a study published in Science Daily, Baroque classical music has the power to enhance a person’s mood and productivity. So, next time when you feel distracted at the workplace, put on headphones, keep the volume at a steady level and play Baroque classical music. Here are a couple of Baroque music samples that I prefer to listen quite often –

[1] [2]

Ambient Noise

Who doesn’t want to work out of woods, in a cottage somewhere far away from the hustle & bustle of city life, having a huge waterfall on one side and gigantic hills on the other? Imagine yourself at such a place during rainy season. Well, your company may not allow you to live your wild imaginations, but ambient noise can. No music, no lyrics – Just PEACE.

You can use these two ambient music tools and escape from your boring work life – SimplyNoise & RainyMood.

Epic Music

Motivation shouldn’t necessarily come from an outside source always. Sometimes, all you need is access to epic music. Set the volume to a decent level and you’re all set to go. Here is one example of epic music that I often listen while working – [Epic Vol. 1]

Video Game Music

One of the reasons people keep on playing video games for hours is its enchanting music. If you’re looking forward to making some changes in your music playlist, then video game music is a wise choice. If you’ve never tried video game music in the past, give a shot to these two – [SimCity] & [Bastion] and feel the excitement it brings along.

High productivity and focus at the workplace can help you produce great results and maintain a perfect work-life balance. Music is an ideal way to forge ahead in this direction. These are just a few examples that you can listen to and experience an improvement in overall productivity and concentration at the workplace. Based on your personal preferences, you can experiment with other music genres/types as well and figure out what works best for you.

Do you prefer to listen music while working? If yes, please share any specific music type/genre that has worked for you, and can work for others as well.

[The author of this post is Bhupendra.]

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