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These 9 Tips Will Deepen Your Startup’s Talent Pool

These 9 Tips Will Deepen Your Startup’s Talent Pool

Entrepreneurs start with an idea and make every move possible to grow their startup but sooner or later things start being unmanageable. This is a good thing as it advocated the company is growing. It also means that it is time to start hiring. Employees are the most valuable asset of a company as they are the cogs of it. Without them a company loses its sustainability. Here we enlist things to keep in mind when hiring for a startup.

Maintaining Team’s Unity

While having a “rock-star ability” in that potential employee is great but it should not come at the expense of team chemistry. Startups usually start with a small team and over the course they build a rapport with their employees. They cannot hire anyone who comes knocking at the door. Having amicable personality is a must for frictionless work environment.

Do Not Trust Impressions

Just like there is no such thing is love at first sight, first impressions are equally deceivable. Potential employee may seem perfect on paper or during the interview, only to turn out to be a complete disaster later on. Though you cannot know for sure how a new employee will perform once hired but the risk can be mitigated by not factoring first impressions into your decision.

Find candidates who have startup DNA

For a startup the best match would be to hire someone who works like a startups. Some want the financial upside, some want a challenge and others like being involved in a business where they can make a direct impact, all traits of a startup? exactly!  An employee which does what it takes to succeed will have a major contribution in the company and is best suited.

Resourceful And Multi-Talented

If you’re hiring a marketer, they better know branding, SEO, social media, content copywriting, and on and on. An engineer better be capable on mobile, desktop, backend, algorithms, and operations. Specialized experts can’t wear all the necessary hats in the extreme early stage and no matter the position, they’ll have virtually no budget. So better hire someone who is resourceful.

Avoid Making Salary Your Sole-Selling Point

Since it’s a startup, it is unlikely that high salary will be offered. Stating this clearly and instead of framing it in a negative light, turn it positive by showing candidates everything that comes with a position at your company. If the company grow they are first in line of promotions. Candidates who are not looking for a big salary but want to experience a startup’s environment are a good fit.

Hire For Aptitude, Not Skill Set

The common mistake is to give precedence to skill set over candidate’s aptitude. Employers should look for people who are willing to adapt and learn rather someone who already has a specific skill set. Even if the person is better on paper, right personality and passion will more than make up for the difference.

Do a Practice Run

Giving the candidate a small, non-critical task to work on to see how they work and communicate with the team. We at Inc42 usually do this for a week. After working for a week the candidate gets acclimated to the environment and helps in assessing his areas of strength and weakness. This is a healthy practice as undoing hiring mistakes is difficult.

Use Poor Spelling And Grammar as a Filter

Being a grammar nazi I am easily piqued when someone is erroneous when it comes to spelling or grammar. Employers can use this to filter out candidates at the first stage by looking at their CV. This shows incompetency of the candidate on communication front as no one would want their company’s employee to blemish the company’s image.

Be Flexible With An Eye On The Long Term

If you come across an interviewee with excellent pedigree but they do not exactly fit the role you want to fill, consider whether there is room to hire them anyway or whether you can train them. Building a successful startup necessitates always having an eye on the future and therfore you should view new hires keeping in mind what they will be like in a year or so. This may be sound absurd but best founders view their staff as an extended family not as replaceable cogs in a machine.

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