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8 Easy Ways To Learn Like Elon Musk [Infographic]

8 Easy Ways To Learn Like Elon Musk [Infographic]

The Infographic Includes Inspiring Advice And Informative Tips

Elon Musk is an inspiring figure in the tech industry for many different and important reasons. One of the most notable reasons that he is beloved and idolized is that he has built four separate multi-billion dollar companies by his mid-forties.

Even more notably, all of these companies are even more impressive because they are in four separate fields, showing that he has an incredibly diverse skill set and a strong understanding of the world around him. Unsurprisingly, due to Musk’s success in the tech industry, there are many think pieces and conversations that occur about how we can all be a bit more like him.

Fundera created an infographic on 8 easy ways to learn like Elon Musk. The infographic includes inspiring advice and informative tips like “follow your passions” and “take risks to expose yourself to new ways of thinking.”

Our personal favourite tip is to “seek out constructive criticism to foster self-improvement!” This tip can be challenging since no one likes to hear negative feedback, but it’s important to remember that soliciting constructive information is how we grow and learn. Challenge yourself to have a discussion with a mentor in your industry this week on ways you can improve and get better. It may be scary at first, but you will definitely benefit!

Musk also has an inspiring quote about learning that is included in the infographic. He says, “It is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree — make sure you understand the fundamental principles, i.e. the trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves/details or there is nothing for them to hang onto.”

Truly insightful wisdom about how we can all improve the way we learn! By spending a little time thinking about how we learn, we can all improve our process. No matter where exactly you are in your career, we can all benefit from being a little bit more like Elon Musk.

Check out this infographic created by Fundera on 8 easy ways to learn like Elon Musk. It will inspire you to analyze the way that you think, learn, and solve problems, no matter what field you work in!

8 Simple Ways to Learn Like Elon Musk

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