7 Jobs You Can Outsource As A Startup

7 Jobs You Can Outsource As A Startup

Jorge Azurin -inc42

Jorge Azurin
Jorge is responsible for making Freelancer.com the leading outsourcing and freelancing platform in Continental Asia through innovative marketing and PR campaigns. He actively promotes entrepreneurship in the region as an adept mentor, and notable speaker in technology and business events.

Running a business, even if you’re starting out small, comes with a great deal of tasks – from those requiring much expertise and specialization to tasks that are highly repetitive. With the accessibility of freelancing platforms online, entrepreneurs or business owners don’t have to do everything themselves. They don’t even have to go through the pricey and tedious task of conventional hiring. Employers, entrepreneurs and businesses can now opt to outsource tasks to skilled freelancers online.

According to the user data on Freelancer.com, the world’s largest online outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace, Indian employers – entrepreneurs and businesses, use the site mostly to hire software developers, web designers, internet marketers and graphic artists. Hiring freelancers helps businesses grow while at the same time cut operational and promotional costs.

Here’s a list of jobs and practical office tasks you can outsource to save time and money:

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can help you organize your calendar, filter emails and even arrange your travel plans, events and appointments. Aside from doing tasks that streamline your schedule, virtual assistants can also conduct research, data entry, Excel sheets and Powerpoint presentations.

Website Creation

Nowadays, each business needs a website – not just any website but one that provides clients and potential customers with a positive browsing experience and the information they need. You don’t necessarily have to hire a full-time employee to build or design your business website because this is a type of project that will not require daily attention once it’s done. You can hire a freelancer for the creation of your business website, it’s regular updates and maintenance.

Design Work

A freelance graphic designer can create your business collateral, logo and any graphic design or image your business needs. A network of freelance graphic designers online allows you to look through different art styles and pick one which best suits the image of your company.

Content Writing

Quality content goes a long way. Whether it is for your blog, website, marketing material, newspaper or press release, a well-written content is necessary to attract more customers to your business. Hiring a skilled freelance writer can save you hours of research and meticulous writing.

Advertising, marketing and promotions

Digital marketing and advertising is fastly becoming more and more effective as its reach increases with the growing accessibility in mobile devices. You can hire a freelance professional to take care of all advertising, marketing and promotional materials for your business, even in using the most effective media for these. Opting to hire a freelancer can also spare your business from large fees professional advertising, marketing and PR firms charge.

Video Creation

Creating a video requires skills in video production, and technical knowledge in using the camera and editing softwares. Videos are useful for demos, instructional or promotional materials, and advertisements for your business. Hiring a team of freelancers to produce a video for your business can cut your expenses over hiring a video production company.

Accounting and bookkeeping

You can actually hire a professional accountant and bookkeeper to take care of your business’s finances or if your finance team is in need of an extra hand. Online, you can find experts on QuickBooks, taxes, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts receivable and other financial services online.

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7 Jobs You Can Outsource As A Startup-Inc42 Media

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7 Jobs You Can Outsource As A Startup-Inc42 Media

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7 Jobs You Can Outsource As A Startup-Inc42 Media
7 Jobs You Can Outsource As A Startup-Inc42 Media

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