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6 Weird Ways To Kick Start Your Productivity

6 Weird Ways To Kick Start Your Productivity

In today’s competitive world, working hard is not enough. You also need to work smarter and more efficiently. It’s no wonder then that we are all looking for that magic elixir which would enhance our productivity. While there is no such wonder potion, there are some tricks and methods to help you increase your productivity. Here are some eyebrow-raising weird tactics which may help you get ahead in the race:

Work Shorter Hours

Sounds counterintuitive, right? When 24 hours just do not seem to be enough, it does not make any sense to work even shorter hours. But here is the kicker, working shorter hours helps you boost your attention span. By nature, human beings are prone to distraction. But when you divide your work into smaller chunks, you are able to achieve better results as you will be more successful in keeping your attention level high, thus boosting the quantity and quality of the work done.

Human beings are prone to finding a dip in our motivational levels after a certain period of time. So, in order to get the best out of ourselves, it is important to bank on short bursts of high energy and enthusiasm. This means working shorter but more intense hours to get the best results and highest level of productivity. This also allows us to remain more productive for a longer time.

Use Technology and Automate

Get with the times and use technology to your advantage. Technology productivity apps such as Skyward ERP, Asana and IF, you can automate routine tasks. This helps you to keep your work streamlined. A clear workflow is highly-conducive to better productivity. ERP also allows you to collaborate with your peers. It makes data and information more-easily available which keeps you organized and on top of things. So, go ahead and embrace the new-age technology to make your work easier and yourself more efficient.

Compete with Yourself

The person you need to outpace is yourself. Make sense? At first glance it probably won’t, but the method is highly-useful in boosting your productivity. By pitting yourself against yourself, you are freeing yourself. No longer bound by the limits of just being better than others; now you have to be better than yourself, virtually establishing that the sky is the limit.

You can do this by challenging yourself to beat a personal record. If you are a procrastinator, give yourself a set period of time in which to accomplish a task. The spirit of competition will help you fight that nagging feeling of procrastination.

There are other ways to complete with yourself. You can use positive reinforcement, like getting your favorite scone when you finish a task.

Surround Yourself with Nature

Nature tends to have a calming effect which can ultimately, boost your productivity. This does not mean you should pack your bags and take your office furniture to a forest. You can remain in your office or home and surround yourself with nature. To do this, you can opt for indoor plants. These plants will provide you with a closer connection to nature and help you concentrate better, boosting your productivity.

Another way to keep yourself aligned with nature is to enlist the help of your pets. You can keep your favorite pet close to your work desk, which will result in an increase in your productivity.

Optimise Your Workspace

Your workspace has a high impact on your productivity. In order to make yourself work faster and better, it is important that your workspace surroundings be conducive to this purpose. First, set up your table in such a way as to be able to do things without any duplication. Try to keep your workspace clutter-free. Do this by keeping only those things around you which are essential for the task at-hand.

Another important aspect is to optimize the lighting. Bad light conditions can cause physical damage such as eye strain, but may also lead to mental fatigue. Natural light is considered to be the best so make sure that your workspace allows for plenty of it. However, you may resort to artificial lighting if natural light is not available.

Take Cold Shower and Turn up the Heat

Yes, you read this right. While we all love to have warm showers, it is the cold shower that will jolt you out of your comfort zone and make you work better. Warm showers are relaxing, but cold showers are invigorating and that’s exactly what you need to increase your productivity.

Once out of the shower, a slightly warmer temperature will set your working spirits higher. Various studies have shown that lower temperatures lead to more errors and distractions.

With these tips in your arsenal, you are now set to be a super worker. Get ready to have fun while you work your best.

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