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6 Hot Areas Of Application For IoT Startups

6 Hot Areas Of Application For IoT Startups

The hype of Internet of Things has been growing across the world day by day. Needless to say, every industry is eager to adopt Internet of Things (IoT) and create smart products in their ecosystem. Since a year, it’s like every other day, a company announces a new smart product. With the current considerations and few predictions of how IoT is going to change the world, here are 6 prominent IoT applications that are already existing.

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This list is based on what people use while conversing with each other, the keywords Google search, what they talk in other social networking sites like Twitter and what they write on LinkedIn.

Smart City

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A city that is formed by the variety of smart cases right from water distribution, urban security, waste management to traffic management and environmental monitoring. The popularity of smart city is fuelled by the solutions that cut the pains people face daily, making the city safer and better. Smart Home also comes as a sub-phenomena of smart city. Clearly standing out, around 60,000 people search for Smart Home according to him. This is all because having a smart home diminishes all kinds of hazards.

Not only that, smart homes also has the ability to give physical comfort, thermal comfort, and environmental comfort and therefore, making lives easier. Smart grids, on the other hand, is also a part of the smart city. A smart grid uses the behavioural information of consumers and electricity suppliers to improve reliability and efficiency.

Smart Fashion

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Internet of Things and Fashion? You might wonder. How can technology be incorporated into the fashion industry? Well, you might have already heard of wearable gadgets like smart-watches and fitness trackers. Though these wearables doesn’t exactly come under the fashion Internet of Things industry, but they are a start. There are other innovations like LED lights embedded dress, hug shirt, etc.

The Internet of Things is moving way faster with the fashion industry, and the innovations that are coming out, as a result, are explicit. For a start, you can search for products like LookSee Bracelet, Spiderman Dress, Smart B-Trainer or the Myo Gesture Control. A fabric that can change colours and patterns based on the wearer’s mood stand at the top among all the formations.

Smart Industries

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The industrial connectivity is the most significant application on the list. Although, according to many famous researchers, like Cisco or Gartner, this application has the highest potential, it is not that popular. This connectivity is however not restricted only to the core industries. Even other industry segments like retailing and supply chain also started using IoT to get on board.

Smart Retail started using proximity advertising as one of its concubines while the tracking down of goods is getting more ingenious day by day. Automotive industry is also one of the ongoing trends that are shaking the world. Connected cars is now a much awaited renovation. Though it still is at blueprints level, it will only be a few years that people start using them connecting them to the nearest traffic signals.

Smart Health

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I would like to tell you a specific thing here! Though all the other applications elevate the social environment to a new level, health is the most crucial field that is in need of connective elements. While the other industries only consider connectivity for security and comfort, health can actually solve so many issues that can’t be solved normally. However, health plays the sleeping giant part of the IoT applications. Even though it’s true that connected health care frameworks have huge potential, the reach is very low. Imagine the world with telemedicine or digital health devices? Imagine that you’re sitting in your home and a doctor can actually tell you what’s wrong with you without you having to go to the hospital? Let’s hope that there will be a discovery this year, as a start.

Digital Marketing

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Right now, Digital Marketing is being considered as the primary source of marketing. All the goods that are in need are available online, reducing the effort of humans to go get them. However, with IoT being implemented, digital marketing is going to be further raised. A direct interaction/communication will be established between the customer and product without any interference of the third-party. We are ready to welcome the new era of connected things which has already started to expand its presence in our daily lives as well as our businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur who is interested in adopting IoT technology then you should understand the vital role of speed and performance at which a server has to respond to the clients – this can be done by proxy servers. Among the various proxies available, you can easily find a suitable proxy server that matches your proxy needs best. If you are frequently visiting any web page or website then catching proxy server can help to a great extent to save your valuable bandwidth and time. It can make a list of such web pages and save those in offline mode; this process boosts loading speed of web pages included in the list of caching proxy server, thus reducing the time and bandwidth usage while loading such web pages.

One example of IoT application in digital marketing is ‘Amazon tide buttons’. Assuming that you might have heard about them, a simple press of the button on the phone will place an order of things you need urgently. Therefore, you can save a lot of effort and time that you usually have to spend in searching the specific product on the online platforms and ordering it. Let’s cross our fingers for this.

Smart Farming

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Smart farming is viewed as a vital application of IoT. It doesn’t really fit into the world considering other applications like industrial, mobility, health or fashion. Nevertheless, due to the remoteness of farming businesses and the possibility of administering livestock through IoT,  agriculture IoT could revolutionise the way producers work. But this concept has small focus. Intelligent farming will become a critical application subject within countries that export the most number of agricultural items.

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