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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Invest In My Startup!

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Invest In My Startup!

Veer Mishra
Veer is the co-founder and CEO of SellMouse, a tool meant for Businesses to Market, Sell, Engage with people on Social media over the products and services they offer.

So here is the take, I may have approached you before for funding. And you may be well ready with all your money and millions of $$, beware, here is why i think you should not invest in my startup.

1. We are pissing off Big Brands

Am sure you will never like this. No one ever appreciates the fact that a startup is building a tool to piss of some big networks. In our case it is all the social networks. Our tool, according to many of you, is cutting down the revenue stream of all these businesses/brands, and to answer that, Yes we are. We are building this tool to make users happy, but not to appease other networks.

So when you see a tool like ours, trust me, even if we are pissing of a big brand, we are making it easy for people to buy and sell stuff on social networks.

2. We never hire an employee

We never follow the employee tradition, we don’t believe in hiring people to work for us. Instead we believe in collaborating with people who are willing to work with us. There is a lot of difference in both, the ones who work for us are working for the cash or perks that we give, but the ones who are willing to work with us are willing to work for the cause, they work for why we exist, they believe what we believe. & the goal is not to hire people who want to work for us, but to hire those who believe what we believe.

3. We invest a lot in company culture

We hugely believe in the fact that keeping the culture is what remains and if we have to last of ten’s of years to come, people will knows us for our culture. Like Apple, apple has a culture & its simply, ‘Think different’.
Our culture is pretty simple, ‘Think freely & Innovate rapidly’.
We take it pretty seriously, Products may change and team may change but culture will remain and so will our investment in culture.

4. We are not focussing on Revenues

Unlike all the marketing tools out there, we plan to go freemium. We don’t know how our company will make money, there are a few ways we can, but we don’t want to focus on it right now. What we are focussing on right now is to build a super awesome tool for businesses to sell their products on facebook. We just want to make sales cool again. Revenues can come later.

5. We are here to Stay for a long time

Though exit is what every investor seeks for & we appreciate it as the creators, but right now it is not the time for us to build it and hand it over to someone else. We see it as an amazing tool lasting for years to come.

P.S. Thought the article is meant for fun, we mean all what we have said here. But yes, we love your support and if you want to get in touch with us, just tweet to us @SellMouse or email me at [email protected]

Happy Product/Startup Building.

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