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5 Management Lessons I Learnt From “My Band Of Brothers”

5 Management Lessons I Learnt From “My Band Of Brothers”

I recently read a book called “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. I bought this book because few of my friends recommended it. At first when I started reading it, I thought its another of those self help kind of book but since so many of my friends recommended it, I kept reading it in anticipation of discovering something more later.

The book is written on the concept of “gratitude and appreciating what you have instead of what you don’t have.” The concept did not gel well with my school of thought but ironically at back of my mind, I found it interesting as well. By the time I read half the book, I realised that it is still talking the same thing from where it started.

Then my friend who recommended me this book challenged me to implement the learning of this book. In short he suggested that one should just try to count their blessings and appreciate them. I thought whats the big deal in it?

First day was a cake walk. First week also was manageable.

After that things became little difficult but more importantly I started realising the power of this powerful book. Honestly, if you want to realise the true potential of this book, you won’t get that by reading this article. Read this book and implement it in your own life.

What I have done is written below five things I learned from my gang of friends whom I call “My Band of Brothers”

Some Things Can Be Explained Only Through Sheer Luck

The fact that I have an entire band of great friends, whom I look up to, whom I love to hang around with, who I know will be there during bright as well as dark times, I feel very lucky to have them.

Similarly, if you are doing well in your career, thank your stars. Luck does play a big role. Of course, no taking away from the fact that you slogged your butt off to reach where you have.

Persistence Pays Off

Everyone goes through rough times in their life & career and so has another member of this band. When life threw a bouncer, he ducked. When he was wrongly announced out as LBW, he proved his mettle in the next match…

But one thing he never let go off was – persistence. He kept going.

Today, he is a senior member of an organisation & has lived life of an expat (for which I envy him!)

Believe In Yourself And Stick To Your Guns

Yet another brother of my band whom I always looked up to was handling one of the toughest portfolios way back. He always focussed on long-term vision and did not hesitate to decline short term mimics even during testing times. I have never seen him crackling under pressure. One of the smartest managers i have seen in my career. Today he is sitting in the global office of one of the largest conglomerates.

Power To Control Your Emotions

This guy is a genius, super-genius infact.

His strength is that he never lets any emotion overpower himself.

He would have the same expression on his face when he gives away his wicket as well as when he takes a wicket or even when he reaches a century (even Dhoni can’t do that everytime). He believes in letting his bat talk.

Easier Way To Pass Through Tough Times Is To Smile

That’s easier said than done. Try it when you are in the middle of a crises and 99% chances are that you wont be able to and here is this guy who bombards my WhatsApp everyday with jokes from Venus. I ensure that I read each and every forward that he sends because it brings a smile of my face.

Incase you are wondering that this is the best part. No it is not. What’s extra ordinary about this gentlemen is that he keeps sending these jokes even when life is playing jokes on him. The point I am trying to make is what nothing else can do, a smile can, even in a corporate world full of sharks. Only exception being if you jump in front of a hungry shark.

I wish I could capture these traits and learn from “My band of brothers.” I wish!

[This post by Abhishek Singh first appeared on DigitalBananas and has been reproduced with permission.]

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