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5 Easy Ways You Can Turn B2B Marketing into Success

5 Easy Ways You Can Turn B2B Marketing into Success

These Strategies Can Be Utilised To Increase Leads, Return On Investment And, Most Importantly, Sales

The world of B2B marketing is ever evolving, and today’s marketing team needs to be able to adopt new strategies and leverage a mix of technologies that educate, engage and increase conversions. Having a well-defined strategy is the key to improving the effectiveness of your B2B marketing efforts. There is no scope for any mistakes in B2B marketing. Because if you fail to impress one company about your services, then your potential target audience shrinks immediately.

Today we are going to cover the top five B2B marketing strategies that you can use to increase leads, return on investment (ROI) and, most importantly, sales.

Content Marketing

Most companies do a great job of explaining what they do but fail when it comes to using more dynamic content (blogs, videos, infographics) to show how they can help. You may have heard this repeatedly, but content marketing continues to rule strong for B2B marketers. In the past, a sales representative, dealer, or channel partner was the key point of contact for gathering information.

Content continues to cover the web and for performance-oriented marketing professionals, finding new and creative ways to show content can be a real challenge. According to a recent study by Regalix, 80% of senior marketers said creating marketing collateral is a top priority. In another study by TopRank, the most effective content marketing tactics according to B2B marketers are:

  • In-person events (70%)
  • Case studies (65%)
  • Videos (63%)
  • Webinars (63%)
  • Blogs (62%)
  • Newsletters (60%)
  • White papers and research reports (59%)

Interactive B2B content possibilities are only as limited as your imagination, and budget. Your writers should prepare a content-based experience for the target audience so that they fall in love with your services quickly.

Build Relationships

All marketing activities should be directed to establishing, developing and maintaining successful relationships with customers. Customer satisfaction is imperative to the success of any B2B company. Without happy customers, a business will struggle to achieve the rest of its goals. Your customer support team can help maintain positive relationships and improve customer retention rates.

Here are 5 ways to improve your B2B relationships:

  • Know yourself.
  • Re-imagine your B2B relationships.
  • Consider “scalability” in all that you do.
  • Find B2B partners with complementary technology.
  • Improve trust to enhance further partnering.

Large or small, improving your relationship with each and every prospect will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your ability to generate more, high quality leads now and in the future.

Make a Relevant Call To Action

Do you want to boost email engagement and conversion rates for your brand? No matter your business, CTAs can help you engage subscribers and encourage them to take action. Good CTAs build brand awareness, increase web traffic, and ultimately result in more conversions and sales.

Why Are Calls-to-Action So Important?

For those of you new to Inbound, strong CTAs are an essential part of a conversion path and the lead generation process. Check out the Act-On Center of Excellence to find resources that help you create more effective emails and landing pages in order to optimize the results of your next campaign.

The use of effective calls to action by email can help you generate conversions, but they are not all you need to consider for an effective email strategy. All of your website’s power comes to a fine point in the CTA. The user’s action is what it’s all about. Once you understand the basic of what a CTA is, its function, purpose, and appropriate content and use, you can create CTAs that improve conversion.

Digital Marketing Channels

What are the top digital marketing channels for your company? Is it Email Marketing, PPC, SEO, partnership program? Before starting to plan an effective digital marketing strategy, you must understand the different channels of digital marketing. The digital marketing has introduced several digital marketing channels that help advertisers target the right audience and attract them to the product or service that is marketed.

Popular Digital Marketing Channels

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Online PR

By setting up a digital marketing campaign for your company, you cannot rely on just one resource to generate all the results you want. The right digital marketing channel for your brand or business also depends on your brand’s business goals. Each marketing channel has to be evaluated for its relevance in your overall marketing strategy and needs to be aligned in keeping with your business objectives. With so many companies turning towards digital marketing, it’s important that you pull your socks up and make optimal use of what you can.

Marketing Automation

However, for B2B marketing specialists, evolving technology is not always a bad thing. The evolution of marketing automation is creating new opportunities for marketers to deliver better quality leads to their sales teams, bridge the gap between marketing and sales, and measure their direct impact on their business.

As companies that provide B2B services look to implement more effective marketing strategies, marketing automation has become one of the most useful tactics being implemented. In fact, the use of marketing automation by B2B companies increased by 1100% between 2011 and 2015.

Faced with these challenging market dynamics and increasing ROI pressure, B2B marketers at companies of all sizes can gain these benefits from a marketing automation:

  • Perfecting the Client Experience
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Decreases Lead Conversion Time.
  • Reduce Marketing Costs
  • Customer Retention
  • Receive Multi-Channel Efficiency

As it stands today, business competition has reached cutthroat levels, and the marketing landscape is no exception. Now is the time to re-examine your essentials, take an inventory of current capabilities and talk with your marketing automation section and other marketing and sales technology providers.