Unicorns Of Tomorrow Decoding India’s Soonicorn Landscape Report, 2024

Unicorns Of Tomorrow Decoding India’s Soonicorn Landscape Report, 2024

India, boasting 115 unicorns, ranks as the third-largest contributor to the global unicorn club. Despite a recent slowdown in unicorn momentum, the illustrious club is expected to welcome over 112 startups in the near future. According to Inc42 analysis, startups in the fintech, ecommerce, and enterprise tech sectors are poised to dominate the unicorn landscape of tomorrow.

As India’s startup ecosystem continues its exponential growth, forecasts anticipate a substantial surge, projecting the country to host an impressive 280 unicorns by 2030.

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Unicorns Of Tomorrow Decoding India’s Soonicorn Landscape Report, 2024

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Key Highlights


Indian Startups In The Unicorn Club


Indian Startups In The Soonicorn Club

$15 Bn+

Funding Raised By Indian Soonicorn

$40 Bn+

Combined Valuation Of Indian Soonicorn


Jobs Created By Indian Soonicorn

Table Of Contents

  • India’s Digital Economy: Snapshot
  • India’s Startup Economy: Key Highlights
  • India’s Unicorn Landscape
  • Decoding India’s Soonicorn Club
  • The Landscape
  • Sectors & Hubs Minting Most Soonicorns
  • M&As By Indian Soonicorns
  • Jobs Created By India’s Future Unicorns
  • Most Active Investors In India's Soonicorn Club
  • Gender Diversity At Indian Soonicorns
  • Inside Education Backgrounds Of Soonicorn Founders
  • Inside India’s Soonicorn Club: The State Of Financial Health
  • Unicorns Of Tomorrow — Key Future Trends


India's startup ecosystem boasts 112 soonicorns, with the majority of them coming from sectors such as fintech, ecommerce, and enterprise tech. As per Inc42 analysis, Bengaluru stands out as the hub, housing the highest number of these soonicorns. Looking ahead, emerging sectors like dronetech and spacetech are expected to contribute significantly. Similarly, the rise of GenAI heralds a new era of innovation, promising breakthrough solutions across industries. Together, these segments are likely to dominate in the future unicorn club. Most soonicorns have improved financially, showing resilience in navigating market changes. Together, they employ around 126K people, making a substantial impact on job creation and economic growth.

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