Unicorns Of India: Decoding India’s 100 Unicorns Report 2022

Unicorns Of India: Decoding India’s 100 Unicorns Report 2022

2022 marked a milestone year for the Indian startup economy. From its first ever unicorn in 2011, the ecosystem witnessed its 100th startup unicorn in 2022. Collectively, these 100 Indian unicorns have raised over $90 Bn, and have a combined valuation of about $333 Bn.

The rise of new startup launches, adoption of digital services and the massive uptick in funding — all have contributed towards the growth of India’s startup economy to achieve this milestone.

Indian startup ecosystem is expected to witness the entry of over 150 more startups in the unicorn club in the next three years.

“Unicorns Of India” report decodes the Indian startups that have ever entered the unicorn club and showcases the 100 Indian startups poised to become unicorns in the next 3 years.

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Unicorns Of India: Decoding India’s 100 Unicorns Report 2022

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Key Highlights


Indian Startups That Have Ever Entered The Unicorn Club

$333 Bn

Combined Valuation Of Indian Unicorns


Highest Number Of Unicorns In The World


Unicorns Have At Least One Woman Cofounder


Sector With Most Number Of Unicorns


Startups In India’s Unicorn Club By 2025

Table Of Contents

  • Key Highlights
  • India’s Digital Economy: Snapshot
  • India’s Startup Economy: Key Highlights
  • Startup Launches In India
  • India's Startup Funding Landscape
  • India's 100 Unicorns: A Landscape
  • India's Journey To 100 Unicorns: A Timeline
  • India In The Global Unicorn Map
  • India's Fastest Unicorns
  • Sectors Minting Most Unicorns
  • Cities Unicorns Are Coming From
  • Gender Diversity At Indian Unicorns
  • Time Taken To Unicorn Club
  • M&As By Indian Unicorns
  • Top Investors In India's Billion Dollar Club
  • Jobs Created By Indian Unicorns
  • India's Decacorn Club: Today & Future
  • Decoding India's Soonicorn Club: The Next 100+ Unicorns


From achieving over $42 Bn in funding, to minting 44 unicorns (2 listed), the Indian startup economy broke all records in 2022. Over the last 11 years, we have seen the entry of 100 Indian startups into the unicorn club. Though some of them have got acquired or are currently under the billion-dollar valuation, as a fast-growing startup economy, these startups have placed India’s success story on the global startup map. In this report, we deep-dive into the 100 startups that attained unicorn status, and also list the next 100 potential unicorns of India.

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