State Of Indian Fintech Report, Q4 2022

State Of Indian Fintech Report, Q4 2022

The total addressable market for Indian fintech is expected to reach $2.1 Tn by 2030, with a CAGR of 18% from 2022. India’s fintech sector has attracted over $24 Bn in investments since 2014 and is home to 22 unicorns and 33 soonicorns.

However, in the third quarter of 2022, the average funding and ticket size for the fintech sector decreased by 59% and 68% year-over-year, respectively. Over the years, digital lending has emerged as the most lucrative sub-sector within fintech, accounting for 39% of total fintech funding.

This report examines the state of the fintech sector in the face of a looming recession and highlights the startups making waves in the industry, with a special focus on India’s rapidly growing digital lending market.

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State Of Indian Fintech Report, Q4 2022

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Key Highlights

$2.1 Tn

Estimated Fintech Market Opportunity By 2030

Digital Lending

Fastest-Growing Segment In Fintech (2022-2030)

$816 Mn

Total Funding In Fintech Startups In Q3 2022

$20 Mn

Average Ticket Size Of Fintech Funding Deals In Q3 2022

Table Of Contents

  • India’s Digital Economy In A Nutshell
  • Fintech Market In India: A Snapshot
  • India’s Fintech Landscape: Key Players
  • India’s Fintech Opportunity
  • Fintech In India: Key Growth Drivers
  • India’s Fintech Startup Ecosystem and more
  • India Vs China Vs USA: Fintech Startup Ecosystem Comparison
  • Top 10 Biggest Fintech Startup Funding Rounds In Q3 2022
  • Indian Fintech Startup Ecosystem: Q3 2022
  • Fintech Funding and M&A Trends
  • Top Indian Fintech Startup Hubs and Notable Investor In Q3 2022
  • 15 Early Stage Fintech Startups To Look Out For
  • Fintechs Under Scanner
  • Fintech In India: Key Developments
  • Lending Teach In India: The Dawn Of Digital Lending.
  • Global vs Indian Digital Lending
  • India’s Digital lending Landscape and How It Works
  • Evolution Of Digital Lending In India
  • Demographic Breakdown — The Digital Lending Opportunity
  • Digital lending Opportunity In India: B2B And B2C Lending
  • Indian Digital Lending Startup Landscape
  • Digital Lending Funding Trends In India
  • Notable Digital Lending Startup Investors In India
  • Top 10 Most Funded Digital Lending Startups In India
  • Financial Analysis Of Digital Lending Startups
  • Comparative Analysis: B2B, B2C And B2B-B2C Lending Startups In India
  • Lendingtech In India: SWOT Analysis
  • Emerging Trends
  • Challenges
  • Fintech Startups’ Stock Performance
  • Emerging Trends: Fintech In India


Although funding and average ticket size for the fintech sector decreased by 68% and 59%, respectively, in the third quarter of 2022, the future for fintech looks strong. The adoption of gold loans, Digital Rupee, and the inclusion of the rural population are expected to boost the fintech sector. As the most funded subsector within fintech and digital lending market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22% from 2022 to 2030, reaching a market size of $1.3 Tn by 2030, capturing 60% share of the fintech market. However, the fintech sector in India faces challenges such as cyber threats, data privacy, and data theft. To address these challenges, rules and regulations are being put in place to protect consumers and ensure the smooth functioning of the sector.

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