India’s Generative AI Startup Landscape Report, 2023

India’s Generative AI Startup Landscape Report, 2023

India’s Generative AI Startup Landscape Report, 2023

Generative AI (GenAI) in India is on track for exponential growth, with projections estimating a market value of over $17…

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India’s Generative AI Startup Landscape Report, 2023

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Key Highlights


Native GenAI Startups In India

$440 Mn+

Raised By Native GenAI Startups Since 2019

1 In Every 3

Indian GenAI Startup Is Working In Code & Data Segment


GenAI Products From India Have Sector-Agnostic (Horizontal) Use Cases


Is Home To The Highest Number Of GenAI Startups In India


Indian Institutional Investors Have Backed GenAI Startups

Table Of Contents

  • India’s Digital Economy
  • India’s Startup Economy
  • Artificial Intelligence: At The Centre Stage Of World’s Fifth Industrial Revolution
  • What Is Generative AI
  • Artificial Innovation Lifecycle
  • Generative AI: Indian Startup Landscape
  • Generative AI Startup Ecosystem India
  • List of 30 Active Generative AI Startups In India
  • Generative AI Market Opportunity: India & The World
  • Generative AI Applications In India
  • Key Challenges & Growth Drives In India


The intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology is vividly exemplified by India's burgeoning GenAI industry. Our study provides an in-depth look into this evolving arena, shedding light on current trends, potential hurdles, and the diverse applications of GenAI within the country. With a roster of more than 70 homegrown GenAI startups, India is carving a niche for itself in this specialized field. A noteworthy one-third of these startups are concentrating on the code and data sectors. Bengaluru serves as the heartbeat of this movement, hosting an impressive 44% of all GenAI startups based in India.

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