Indian Crypto Exchanges: App Landscape & Customer Perception Report, 2021

Indian Crypto Exchanges: App Landscape & Customer Perception Report, 2021

India is home to more than 350 blockchain startups. With the rise of the blockchain industry, cryptocurrencies, a major sub-segment, is also gaining traction. India stands second in worldwide crypto adoption, just behind Vietnam. Moreover, crypto has attracted the highest capital inflow during 2014-2021 among all blockchain sub-segments.

Due to the growing popularity of crypto, it is essential to know more about the trends, startups’ performance and the possible winner of the crypto race. That is exactly what we have done in our latest release — Indian Crypto Exchanges: App Landscape & Customer Perception Report, 2021.

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Indian Crypto Exchanges: App Landscape & Customer Perception Report, 2021

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Key Highlights


Blockchain Startups In India


India’s Position In Crypto Adoption Worldwide, 2021

$62.2 Bn

Estimated Contribution Of Blockchain To The Indian Economy By 2030


The Percentage Of Bootstrapped Blockchain Startups In India

Table Of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • India’s Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Blockchain Funding Landscape In India
  • Indian Cryptocurrency Exchanges: A Competitive Landscape
  • Which Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Winning The Crypto Battle?
  • Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms: Customer Perception
  • Investors Backing Blockchain Startups In India
  • A Comprehensive List Of Blockchain Startups In India
  • Policies Influencing/Governing The Blockchain Ecosystem In India
  • Non Fungible Tokens: India And The World
  • Emerging Trends In Blockchain Market
  • Methodology


The Indian blockchain sector is still at a nascent stage. But it is expected to grow significantly due to the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, a rise in enterprise-level blockchain adoption, the government’s initiatives to promote the technology, a growing number of startups and increasing investor interest. Among all blockchain subsectors, crypto startups are most heavily funded — they account for 72% of the total funding raised by the blockchain startups during 2014-2021. India has also bagged the second position in crypto adoption worldwide, according to the 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index by blockchain data platform Chainalysis. India is now behind Vietnam but ahead of global powerhouses like the US, the UK and China. In brief, India is well on its way to witness a rise in blockchain adoption due to growing awareness about its benefits.

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