India’s Healthtech Landscape In A Post-Covid-19 World

India’s Healthtech Landscape In A Post-Covid-19 World

The current state of healthcare comprises hospitals teetering at full capacity and doctors overworked. Which makes it difficult for people to access primary care when required. In such a situation, leveraging technology-backed solutions such as telemedicine, digital health records and AI/ML-based predictive analysis and diagnosis can play a pivotal role in bringing India’s broken public healthcare system up to speed.

The DataLabs by Inc42 Plus’ ‘India’s Healthtech Landscape In A Post-Covid-19 World Report 2020’ maps the $21 Bn healthtech opportunity in India and the role it will play in enhancing healthcare services in the upcoming times. In addition, the report covers the current roadblocks which are hindering the optimal impact of healthtech in India, the new opportunities and more.

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India’s Healthtech Landscape In A Post-Covid-19 World

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Key Highlights

$21 Bn

Healthtech Market Size In India By 2025


Funded Healthtech Startups In India

$2.3 Bn

Infused In Indian Healthtech Startups Between 2014 And Q1, 2020

$170 Bn

Projected Market Size Of Preventive Healthcare In India By 2025


Insurance Purchasers In India Prefer Inclusion Of Covid-19 Cover

Table Of Contents

  • Scope Of The Report
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Indian Healthcare Sector At A Glance
  • Healthcare Infrastructure: India VS World
  • Healthtech In India: The Market Opportunity
  • India’s Healthtech Landscape
  • Scope Of Preventive Healthcare In India
  • Factors Driving Healthtech Adoption In India
  • Future Trends And Technologies
  • Methodology
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography


A global health emergency like coronavirus has put a big spotlight on the healthcare industry, with every stakeholder fighting from the frontline. The pandemic has been called a structural shift for digital healthcare in India. Many have said that this is the time for India to reboot its healthcare system and support healthtech startups in closing the gaps. With the telemedicine guidelines now in place and mandatory health insurance for workers, technology is well-placed to redefine healthcare infrastructure in India. Within two months of time, India transformed from importing PPE kits to the second-largest producer in the world. In the new normal, India is poised to witness more such significant advancements in the traditional healthcare system. The development in Indian healthcare infrastructure will be led by homegrown healthtech startups, with telemedicine and online pharmacies leading the current wave of startups. Together, the Indian healthtech market will contribute $21 Bn by 2025, which is still only 3.3% of the total addressable healthcare market. This indicates that the room for growth is pretty high and healthtech has a massive opportunity here.

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