After Hyderabad, Now, Uber Rolls Out Cash Payments In Pune

After Hyderabad, Now, Uber Rolls Out Cash Payments In Pune

Cab hailing app, Uber, has now added the cash payment option for its riders in Pune.

With this the commuters riding Uber cab will be able to pay in cash to the driver at the end of their trip.

Uber started its seamless cash payment option as a pilot project just few weeks back beginning from Hyderabad and Nairobi in Africa. It later moved onto more cities including Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Kochi in order to open more business opportunity for the company in Indian cities where cash payment is a dominant and trusted option for riders.

Besides, Uber also offers low cost cab booking service UberGo and uberX to its riders in Pune with multiple transportation options to travel from.

How Does It Work?

  1. Login to the Uber app and click on ‘Set pick up location’ and chose option ‘Change’ on the available payment method.
  2. Further select ‘Cash’ as the payment method and hit ‘Request a Trip’ for convenient travelling
  3. After the trip pay in cash to the driver

Even though cash payments as an additional mode of payment is an important step as there are users who don’t want the hassle of having at least 200 bucks in their paytm account. Although, cash payments have their own downside like, not having change.

With this, Uber is also on a the spree to hire women drivers in a bid to enhance security for Female passengers and equalize the employment opportunities. Presently the company has around 100 women driving Uber cabs which be extended to about 50,000 by 2020.


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