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Design Thinking

16 Nov 2016


09:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Hotel Sea Princes , Mumbai Western Suburbs, Mumbai, 400049
Design Thinking offers an even balance between creative and analytical methods. This combinations motivates teams, coaches and project partners to define the problem and formulate the solution with greater sense of adventure. Difference prespective and experiences consciously flow into the solution process. The solutions space of design innovation opens at the crossroads of user wishes, feasibility and cost-effectiveness.
The 5-steps interactive Design Thinking process combines the methodology from engineering with experimental aspects from the teaching of design. The user is seen from a social- scientific-perspective, with a view that is always open to something new. Team members from very different backgrounds combine their efforts towards achieving a common goal. At the same time, mutually appreciated, innovation-inspiring communications helps to develop a common language and way of thinking that extends beyong subject-specific terminology and hierarchical borders. Only in this way is it possible to mutually overcome complex challenges. The result: convincing innovations for widely different areas of life.
Design Thinking is a systematic, human-centered approach to solving complex problems within all aspects of life. The approach goes far beyond traditional concerns such as shape and layout. Unlike traditional scientific and engineering approaches, which address a task from the view of technical solvability, user needs and requirements as well as user-oriented invention are central to the process.
This approach calls for continuous feedback between the developer of a solution and the target users. Design Thinkers step into the end users shoes- not only interviewing them, but also carefully observing their behaviours. Solutions and ideas are concretized and communicated in the form of prototypes as early as possible, so that potential users can test them and provide feedback – long before the completion or launch. In this way, Design Thinking generates practical results.
Innovation and effective problem-solving combine three essential components: technical feasibility, economic viability and human desirability.
Design Thinking approaches problems from a human perspective, with the objective of designing innovative and desirable products, service or experiences that reflect all three aspects.
Design Thinking was developed by David Kelley, Stanford professor and founder of the renowned design agency IDEO in Silicon Valley.
  • Empathize with the customer to develop deep consumer insights
  • Improve your interview and observation techniques to better understands customer motivations
  • Define and reframe a problem based on the emotional needs
  • Develop a just-try-it mentally through rapid prototyping and iteration
  • Learn how to embrace diversity of opinions using a common process for design
  • Empower others in your company to use design thinking to drive innovation
  • Tackle Real World Business Challenges
Dr Sunil Gupta – Life Time Master Trainer
Suhail Gupta – Master Trainer

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