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10 Reasons Why Virtual Offices Are Here To Stay

10 Reasons Why Virtual Offices Are Here To Stay

With the emergence of new technology almost on a daily basis, it has almost become a norm that every product out there entails a startup/concept/idea fuelling it. Startups have revolutionalised the way we live and express our emotions while touching lives in a very real manner. New skills are fast emerging on the social and technological podium; hidden talents are coming ashore, raring to make their presence felt.

Under the umbrella of startup flag, everyone is treated equally with no discrimination against age, religion, gender or caste.

Whilst some ideas do attain fructification and become a legitimate business, others are taken under the wing of tech giants or the like. However, everything comes at a price and is not impervious to flawed premises, and it’s not all unicorn and rainbows. (As in profits and fun).

The ability to generate profitable business models, creative ideas and spearheading multi-million projects have raised the standards of living and created job opportunities in abundance. While America is rightly referred to as the StartUp Nation, Germany is also not behind the race in their endeavour to project their technologically robust mechanism.

This has brought about a paradigm shift into the global economic parlance. Every aspiring entrepreneur and/or a visionary employee with the courage to dream big gets into the corporate world primarily to gain experience which can subsequently be used to come up with something of their own.

In the wake of changing trends, there has also been a change in the nuances of workplace.  Startups are increasingly ditching traditional offices in lieu of a more comfortable, friendly and a cost-effective virtual workplace.

These workplaces are popularly known as ‘Virtual offices’ and have been embraced by many newcomers and startups. The primary benefit of such a working environment is to allow employees to work flexibly from anywhere, saving the time and money invested in buying or renting an office.

Virtual offices are now a technological advancement wherein thinking and telecommunication are crucial elements and meetings are held in high-end conference rooms in order to create a noteworthy image in the eyes of prospective and existing clients. Virtual office addresses can be the considered to be the next gateway to modern day business front.


10 Benefits Derived From This Modern-Day Phenomenon

  1. Environmental-friendly: From an ecological standpoint, virtual offices offer quite a compelling reason to hop on aboard. With climate change take place at a burgeoning pace, a virtual office can cut commuting time and hassles of travelling, thereby saving travel cost and fuel charges.
  2. Heightened productivity: The time and money saved in conveyance can impart additional motivation to the employees in providing better results with optimum utilisation of resources.
  3. Work-life equilibrium: In modern times, it can be said that one of the major factors of stress is to find the right work-life balance. People are constantly shuffling their roles to put forth their best, but are unable to do much. Virtual offices can be that enabling force which allows you to find your seemingly elusive silver lining.
  4. Limited absentees: Since Virtual offices take you out of the regular monotonous equation apart from offering the comforts of not commuting everyday to your workplace, there is little to no scope for employees to take leaves or going AWOL.
  5. Office space: A Virtual office negates traditional workplace practices and lends a new outlook to working. Startups are springing up almost every day, which accompanying budget constraints. Having a Virtual Office can prove to be beneficial in more ways than one.
  6. Better time management: Since Virtual office employees are mananging their family better, they are effective in meeting deadlines and fulfilling their responsibilities.
  7. Major cost cutting: Owning a office is associated with a lot of other expenses (electricity, maintenance etc). Meanwhile virtual offices save quite a lot of money that is otherwise spent on miscellaneous expenses.
  8. Diverse employees: Most employees do not take corporate jobs because of huge distances. After all, it is no fun to travel 3 hours every day just to reach office. In the virtual office scenario, this problem is obviated. This also allows employers to hire employees from a diverse pool of talents and skills.
  9. A corporate mailing address: To identify your business, people need to know about your address. Invest in a good Virtual office that can help you enlist a corporate mailing address to make it convenient for your clients and customers.
  10. Live receptionists: Your business speaks volume when you have professional receptionists to answer all your incoming calls. You would do well to arrange live receptionists who can carry out the task of attending call and mails so as to set up a credible platform for your business.

In Conclusion

People abhor unprofessionalism, regardless of where you work. If the constraints of a traditional workplace impede your professionalism, then no job profile is good enough. Against that backdrop, virtual offices have made their mark.

You are as much a professional as the person sitting behind a desk for 8 to 9 hours. Better still, you are not spending thousands in making an office setup. You undertake cost-effective measures will label you as a full-fledged entrepreneur. It gives a professional corporate image to any startup operating at genuinely low costs.

Note: The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views held by Inc42, its creators or employees. Inc42 is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by guest bloggers.