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Entrepreneurs are always defined as the individuals that do a little bit of everything. While this is true in many cases, a few personalities really define an entrepreneur. Some entrepreneurs have multiple personalities and are able to take on various roles while others specifically fit one category.

These personalities are crucial roles for someone in the business to play as these help you and your company progress. Progression is extremely important in a business, especially when you are a startup. If you better understand your role as an entrepreneur, you are better able to help your business grow by playing your part.

Here are the most common personalities that businesses require and entrepreneurs share:

1. The Realist

The Many Personalities of Entrepreneurs - Character Traits All Businesses Need 01Being in a startup company, everyone likes to dream about that big acquisition or millions of dollars they can make. Optimistic thinking is always great, but can also be damaging if not rationed.

Every startup company needs a realist who puts things back to perspective when everyone else is off dreaming. The realist reminds everyone where they are at, what they need to do, and how they can reach their ultimate goals.

2. Action Jackson

This is the team player who wants everything done right away. He/she does not like waiting on anything or anyone. While this individual can often times are seen as overwhelming, he does a great job to motivate them while making them work faster.

Speed is an essential skill entrepreneurs must have, especially when they are the ones doing it all.

3. The Grinder

The Many Personalities of Entrepreneurs - Character Traits All Businesses Need 03

The grinder may just be the team’s most important player. The grinder’s job is to take care of the little things with great accuracy and delicacy. Not only that, but the grinders job is often tedious and unglamorous. However, the grinder’s efforts can help a startup grow massively.

The little things are the ones that amount to the larger outcomes and any big business today can tell you that.

4. The Penny Pincher

The Many Personalities of Entrepreneurs - Character Traits All Businesses Need 04Entrepreneurs have to deal with a lot of costs. Whether its marketing, supplies, equipment, or services, startup companies need to spend a lot of money. While capital is usually hard to find in startups, the penny pincher makes sure they get the most out of their money.

If a dollar can be saved, you can believe he or she will go the extra mile to make sure you get the best deal. Penny pinchers are crucial because all the savings can add up as time goes along.

5. The Hustler

The Many Personalities of Entrepreneurs - Character Traits All Businesses Need 05Every startup needs a hustler. It does not matter how good the individuals in the business are, they need someone to go make things happen. The hustler is often times the hardest role to find, but can reap the biggest benefits. The hustler does not have a specific job.

The hustler’s job is to help the startup company get the media attention it needs or to schedule a meeting with big corporate CEO. The hustler goes above and beyond using their “way with words” to achieve the impossible.

6. The Manager

The Many Personalities of Entrepreneurs - Character Traits All Businesses Need 06
An extremely important job, especially in larger startups is a strong manager. Even though everyone may be on the same playing field, someone must be there to manage relationships throughout the company. In order to be successful, everyone must be working towards one goal.

The manager’s job is to ensure that everyone in the startup company is playing fair and content with each other.


Regardless of what industry your business is in, these personalities need to be filled by your team one way or another. To achieve success in the world of entrepreneurship, it takes a lot more than a team of members and an idea. Competition requires us to collaborate and establish a strong group working to achieve the same goal.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

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