Startup Success Quotes From People Who Dared To Make It Happen

Startup Success Quotes From People Who Dared To Make It Happen

Billions of people dream, millions come up with good ideas, thousands work really hard to realise their ideas, hundreds of them persevere, but still, only a handful of them actually succeed and are known as entrepreneurs.

Most of these successful entrepreneurs come from humble backgrounds. Some dropped out of colleges, few left their jobs and some just wanted to stand out from the crowd and do something by themselves. And today, they own huge organisations whose turnovers are enough to run few nations.

They are well aware what it takes to clearly find out need of the time, to analyze the market and to plot the best marketing strategies. Otherwise quiet and calm people, entrepreneurs prefer to let their work speak for themselves. But, whenever they speak, their words are a delight for ears and a food for thought. Entrepreneurs themselves are highly motivated individuals and instill confidence in their audience as well.

Here are some of the quotes from the most successful entrepreneurs compiled by




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