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Why Startup Founders Need A Startup Doppelganger

Why Startup Founders Need A Startup Doppelganger

A Startup Doppelganger Has Skills Complementary To The Founder

A startup is the culmination of the hopes and dreams of a founder. It is a baby which has to be nurtured and nursed to the dimensions envisioned by the founder. With limited resources and mounting responsibilities, a founder needs just the right kind of help to keep this baby healthy. Since there are not enough financial resources to hire the best expertise from the industry and any bankable relationships, a founder needs a doppelganger to fulfill the demands of running a startup. This doppelganger may be a co-founder or a key team member whose motivation and commitment levels match that of the founder.

Looking for a doppelganger will be a lot like marriage. They will have to be there for the founder and startup through thick n thin. While they may bring a set of different skills to complement and complete the needs of a growing startup, they should pretty much be a shadow of the founder and fill in his shoes perfectly.

Here’s how having a doppelganger can benefit the startup:

A Doppelganger Will Be Your Ideal Co-worker

Since the fire and zeal will match yours, it will be a happy combustion between the founder and the new entrant, with positive results. Work compatibility can be easily found if you can hire someone who believes in the startup’s offering as much as you do and is driven by the same level of passion. It also makes is easier to get their cooperation.

Such people be empathetic to your life goals and will support you wholeheartedly in your endeavour.

A Doppelganger Will Be Motivated By The Vision And Not The Compensation

Like a founder is motivated by the mission to change the world, a doppelganger too will have similar reasons for joining. Since it is difficult for a startup to match the financial compensation and annual increments that large corporations offer, it is best to hire someone who is not motivated by money alone and would rather join for the challenge of establishing a business from scratch and then give it their all to make it a success.

They will not be motivated to join you for the salary, equity or position but for the same mission to change the world or make a difference in how things are done. Having similar beliefs will ensure long term stability for the team and prove beneficial for the startup.

A Startup Doppelganger Will Be Better Able To Weather The Storms

Hiring your doppelganger will be like an insurance policy against hard days for a startup. Since roles, processes and circumstances fluctuate more than usual in a startup, a doppelganger will be more adaptable and accepting of the varying circumstances and less likely to abandon ship in tough times.

Like you, the founder, they will have a never say die attitude and the determination to see the vision through till the end. They will also feel a greater sense of responsibility and will be more aware of the value of their contribution to the startup. So, in difficult times you can count on them to be committed to the needs of the startup.

A Doppelganger Can Step Into Your Shoes, So You Can Focus On ‘Bigger Things’

Once you find your doppelganger and have validated the trust you place in them, you can delegate the core responsibilities to him/her. You can then step away from micromanaging the business to focus on the larger picture to take the startup far.

While the doppelganger independently does his/her work,you will be in a betterposition to lookfor newer or better opportunities, forge new partnerships, and explore new horizons.


Founders may want to be Superman and go solo, but they will lose out on the numerous benefits of having access to multiple new skill sets, a sounding board for ideas, and sometimes, somebody to lean on or stop you from taking a fall.

Hiring a startup doppelganger will get you a solid team mate who will play from your side, while you can sometimes sit back and watch. It’s about having someone who is not necessarily your carbon copy, yet complements you perfectly inspite of his/her different abilities. That is your doppelganger in terms of their ideas, passion, vision and commitment towards the business.  What more can you ask for!