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15 Hilarious Gifs That Will Help You Sniff Out An Entrepreneur From Anywhere

15 Hilarious Gifs That Will Help You Sniff Out An Entrepreneur From Anywhere

The startup scene in India is poised to grow at a massive rate and there is no doubting that. From the government sector to private firms, all are coming up with new initiatives to help grow and nurture the startup scene in the country. However on the other hand, it’s a well known fact that the startup lifestyle isn’t for everyone and not everyone is fit for running startup no matter how hard they try. From founders to early employees, everyone has a sort of distinct style of doing things and the startup bug is in their DNA.

You might remember Amitabh Bachchan’s dialogue in Namak Halaal:

I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English, I can run English, because English is such a funny language.

In startups, something quite similar happens. These guys have their own style of talking, walking, laughing etc. – what we can call as the Entrepreneur’s Style.

Here are a few ways which will easily help you sniff out a startup founder:

When they Startup:

From 40 Hour Workweek to Working 80 Hours On Their Startup

All founders are all crazy in a way. 9-5 hours and sitting at a desk doesn’t work for them. They want do something new, something challenging and want to change the word in the process.

In the initial phase, there is no difference between day and night, no fixed working hours.

always working

They Aren’t In It For The Money

Once bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, money is no longer a driving factor. Founders can survive for months at a stretch despite being broke. Cup noodles, late nights and taking short naps in their 1 BHK office-cum-home are the defining characteristics of their life now.

no money

Grooming? What’s That?

They don’t believe in spending time in pampering themselves as they are too busy in working on their little baby.Their family and friends no longer recognise them. Haircut, trimming and grooming are left for the morning before the all-important day when they have to go pitch to the VC’s.


Magicians with their Multitasking Skills

A person who can do only one thing at a time doesn’t fits into the startup janta. These guys are the ones who can talk, code, eat and get ready all at once.


They Can Survive on the Internet Forever

Food is a basic necessity for an individual but internet is the thing which remains the priority for these guys. They can survive without food but an “Unable to Connect to the Internet” sign can give them a stroke.


Don’t Exist At Family Functions

You can find them at every single startup and networking event but they are always missing at their family gatherings, eventually becoming an unknown and un-found celebrity of the house. And an year or two into the startup life and relatives are like:

who are you

They Are A Bit Like Zombies

They are unusual in their attitude – sleep anywhere-anytime, eat anytime, no one can really guess when they are happy or sad. Usually found sitting in a lost world for hours at a stretch or walking around randomly lost in their own world.

zombies walking

Via Scoopwhoop
Via Scoopwhoop

Are Jugaadu Types

They have a solution for everything. Or at-least they think so. For them there is not a single thing which can’t be done, they have a Jugaad for everything.


That Anger When You Compare their Startup Another


Smokers – An Expception

Not everyone is a smoker, but have seen a number of startup founders who are chain smokers. And usually they are the ones who get a bright new idea on every smoke break.


[P.S – Smoking is injurious to your health]

And when things start coming in place:

They Can Pay Out Salaries But Can’t Take Any

You might think that with that fancy new funding in their account, founders become the king of the world. Well you can’t be more off. First comes employee salaries, then comes company expenses, some goes into savings and finally if anything is left, the founders might just get a small little stipend.

throwing money

You Can Find Them at Every Networking/Cocktail Event

That guy coming over you for a shake hand YES that’s our startup founder. You can find these guys at every startup event, looking for investors, clients, free drinks and food. After all, when else will they get to have a lavish meal with no salary?

all events

Opportunity is Everywhere

They are the opportunist, the optimists. They know how to create an opportunity and even have the ability to find opportunity in anything.

will will
Via AttractionTickets

F words are their favorite

Be it Funding, Finances and yeah the favorite one which is the answer to every problem – F**K. Their day starts and ends with these words. [ P.S – F for family is a exception :p]


 They forget dates, days, birthdays and anniversaries. All they remember is their meeting with that investor or the day they launch!

But When They Succeed, It Was All Worth It!


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