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8 Signs That Prove You Are A Born Entrepreneur

8 Signs That Prove You Are A Born Entrepreneur

There are thinkers, believers, and doers prevailing on the face of the planet. Some merely think but never really act upon it while others act without a moment of thought. Amidst this chaos, are entrepreneurs who stand to be a blend of thinkers, believers and doers packed and parcelled in one.

There are ample of cluttered minds who every once in a while got inclined towards the thought of becoming an entrepreneur but how many of them bagged success? Entrepreneurship is a skill that very few manage to master in the lifetime whereas there are still a few who are born with this streak making them a born entrepreneur. So, what are the signs that show you are a born entrepreneur?

The Urge To Move

You have a constant itch to wander and wonder. Sitting at a place and making yourself comfortable is just not your cup of tea. You love seeking challenges that checks and rechecks your ability to conquer them. You repeatedly attempt to jump from one to another.

Taking Order? Nah!

To you taking orders is dreadful. Seeing you working under someone is your nightmare, in fact, you just cannot imagine yourself taking orders and accomplishing them. Yes, you love to learn newer techniques but taking orders is a strict No.

Oozing With Ideas

You are always thinking of innovative ways of getting one task done. It becomes quite inconvenient and difficult for you to tame down your idea and lower down your impulse of acting upon the idea.

Money Minting Is One Of  Your Goals

Among all your goals, minting money is something you desperately want the most. Given the fact that a 9-5 job cannot match the earnings you get from a flourishing business.

Hard Work Doesn’t Scare You

You are willing to put extra hours and walk miles extra for something you are extremely passionate about. It is known that a job of an entrepreneur is 24*7 but this doesn’t force you to step back, in fact, it at times inspires you and the people around you.

Lead Well

In your peer circle, you are often the one who leads and initiated. Whether it is crises or initiation of the project you never find yourself stepping back or following the herd, in fact, you have always been the one setting the trend for others to follow.

Setting Deadlines

An impeccable sense of discipline makes you ardent about your deadlines. Even though you need no superior to give you deadline yet you set it yourself as part of your disciplined work regime.

Planning Is An Ingrained Habit

Planning appears to be an ingrained habit with you. You like being organised, have a day schedule planned always. Getting into meticulous details and managing your time integrating it with productive activities is something that you do like a pro.

If you exhibit any of these traits, you can consider yourself a true-blue entrepreneur.

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[The author of this post is Bhavik Sarkhedi, founder, Write Right.]

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