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My parents wake up daily at 4, this one day after many sleepless nights, i woke up at 3am and prepared for what was to gonna happen. Gave them coffee, told them to sit comfortably and then i dropped the bomb

MA .. PA .. i wanna quit my job and start my own venture

If i had told them that i wanted to join the al-Qaeda i think they would’ve been fine but this, this was somehow unacceptable, all Hell broke loose. Before i tell you what happened, what i’ll be doing next, what the idea is ..  let me give you the back-story

Why i Quit

It had been 7 months since i had passed out from college and had gotten myself a very good job in a very good company which was very close to my house and which payed above average salary


i still remember how i was dying for a job during placement season :D also above, a hint of Fire to start something :P

I was having fun at work, life was going on, but my heart craved more. Three reasons why i quit:

1. Wanted to

  • Wanted to Pursue/Explore – Interests/Dreams – Entrepreneurship etc.
  • Wanted work to be more Dynamic and Fun [wanted to explore different domains]
  • Wanted to make a Difference | Change Things | Help People | Solve Problems
  • Wanted to Innovate and be Creative everyday
  • Wanted to meet new people, interact, Brainstorm and experience new things

2. iHypocrite

I was being a huge hypocrite :( Anyone i meet this is what i was talking about:

  • If you are not happy for even one day, change it !
  • Give up everything, Chase your dreams and Fly !
  • Live everyday as if it were your last !


Finally i decided to practice what i preach

3. Comfy ?

I am 22 Years young and i have settled in Life

From past 20 years, Bangalore has been my home. Everyday i have enjoyed living, mom’s awesome hot food. House in the middle of the city, work only 5kms away etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Everything was good. Life had become too comfortable. I hadn’t taken any risks my life. Wanted to do awesome things but everything was done part time and i had started to become lazy



So step 1 was done i.e i convinced myself to take the plunge.

I did a lot of research as to how to convince parents this is the gist:

  • Show them data | people who took risk and made it big
  • Tell them to trust you (this did ghanta :D )
  • Tell them that your market value will increase | that you will be learning more | and your skills will increase
  • Tell them that you will find a girl easily :P without doing masters :D :D

coming back ..

99 Problems

I really wanna understand their thought process, they broke the plan i told them, bombed it, diced it and burnt it so nicely. It didn’t even hurt. They almost convinced me to turn back.

Emotional Atyachar :(

“you will lose your fresher tag | you will not get paid so much again | you will not get a job at all | you don’t have experience nor do you have the skill”

“Are you mad, lets go to the doctor he’ll cure you then you can go back to work”

“praju you tell me how will you get a girl? You will always sacrifice safety security for new experiences, who will marry you. You need to settle down”

“Lets get him married then he will get some responsibility then he won’t make such stupid decisions”

Above are some of the funny things that parent said will might will happen

It’s been nearly 20 days since i resigned and everyday they still discuss strategy with me saying how its not too late turn back yada yada yada ..


I finally decided i’m not going to waste my time and energy trying to convince them. Because they have a different mentality, for them this might be the sto_Opidest thing that anyone can do. But for me i feel its the most Awesome-st thing that anyone can do.

I got 99 problems but an itch ain’t one. But i am really grateful, cos without them i would have been nowhere :)


How to risk it all and fly

Unhappy about something ? scared ? You can Change it .. You have the FIRE in you .. Don’t worry .. All is well .. Risk it all, spread your wings and Fly :)


Why So Early !?


I have this opportunity where no one is that dependent on me right now. Dad still has some years of service left. Brother’s still young. I have an opportunity to take the risk. This was the major factor that made me jump.

Every risk is worth taking as long as it’s for a good cause, and contributes to a good life

Need Motivation ?


++ BONUS ++

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Do SomeThing :)

so .. What Next ?


I will be going to Ahmedabad to build interestship in an incubator called Venture Studio

Back to college :P to start from scratch :) New experiences + adventures await. I’m so excited, i’m dancin. My train leaves Bangalore on March 10th.

Why Ahmedabad

Core of Man’s Spirit Comes from New Experiences

  • I haven’t lived alone at all | nor have i experienced Hostel life
  • I haven’t cooked | washed | did anything on my own :P
  • etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

+ i want to explore new culture | there were many incubators in bangalore as well but …. it will again be bangalore :D


We wanna make people happy :) We believe that people are happy whenever they do something on their interest. So interestship is gonna be an offline/online platform where people can explore/pursue their interests.

Dhoondh Raha Tha Ek Nayi Duniya Ka Pata


Sab Ne Kaha Tha In Samundaron Me Jaana Nahi

Mere Yaar Sun Lo Sun Lo :)

it will be a bit hard coming from X rs/month to 0 rs/month :D But i’m trying to convince myself by saying a mantra: “Money Is For Mortals” :D :P

it won’t matter because i’m happy <(Listen to it i swear it will make your day) :)

All my Friends have been so supportive they’ve said “i’ll always be there for you” .. “macha just give me a call ra” .. Thank You :) From the depths of heart .. Thank you :)

About The Author – Prajwal Praju

prajuPrajwal is a Gamer Developer Adventure-seeker Movie-Soap-Cartoon-Anime-Music-Cricket-Volleyball-Cycling-lover Entrepreneur Dreame.

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