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Are You Too Old To Become An Entrepreneur ?

Are You Too Old To Become An Entrepreneur ?

ravi-kikanRavi Kikan
Ravi is a Mentor at MentorEdge ( A CIIE- IIM-A initiative), A Knowledge driven enterprise. He is a Growthhacker for Startups, Online Community Builder, Startup Connector and B2B Marketing Expert.

Age Is Always A Number

This would be a very easy question unless you are very convinced that some things only come in and at the right age 🙂

The appetite to take risk, the ideation to think and implement new ideas, the adrenaline rush to bring new products to life has in-fact nothing to do with age.

A good friend and an amazing Entrepreneur Frederic Ducrot, Co-Founder and CEO JustClip. It asked this wonderful question in the Startup Specialist Group on LinkedIn: Are you too old to become an entrepreneur?

Some amazing insights came into the discussion thread from some rocking startup founders, global experts and serial entrepreneurs.

This should inspire anyone of you who is currently reading this article whether you are 21 or 71…It just doesn’t matter what age you are in…trust me and read on….

Roger Jones-Smith says in the discussion:

Never too old.

Started an entrepreneurial venture at age 63 creating a niche market web portal.

While most web portal designers, developers and operators are much younger, this did not dissuade me from striking out in a new direction and have not regretted one moment of this successful venture.

Well done Roger Jones-Smith

Gilberto Bueno added something really fantastic, he says

Intelligence was never related to the time … someone is smart simply because born this way … without some merit … time will not do somebody more or less intelligent …intelligence does not have age, does not finish, will not starting, intelligence there is simply

Some of the key things that came out from the discussion thread were:

  1. Frederic Ducrot added: I believe that it is never too late to start your own business whatever your age is. Experience is a major asset that one can leverage his/her plans on. Furthermore creativity does not belong to the younger ones.
  2. Tina Henson added: If my age had dissuaded me, I would not have started my fist technology company or my current tech company. We are never too old to solve problems!
  3. Dan Wavle shared this amazing piece: Age is a mental barrier that we put on ourselves! I sold the Roofing division of my remodeling business at 14 and the Drywall at 16 and the House Painting division at 18 to recent college grads who put themselves threw school working for me. I have worked with lots of start-up and I have to say I am addicted to the start-up process. When it comes to being to Old, I am a firm believer that You are to Old when you fail to see your business out living your desire to work it
  4. Audra Gerger says: When I started my business I was in my 30’s and I was told not to wait because the energy, the drive to work the long hours wouldn’t be the same. I have to disagree because I have since started another business and believe you can get energized with creativity at any age
  5. This was the best… Peter Holmes added: I am currently trying to find funding for an 82 year old entrepreneur looking to start a new business. I would have to say you are never too old to become an entrepreneur if you have an idea and the passion to put it into practice

Thomas Calvin shared a great insight he said

I just started my new business at the age of 48. The issue I see isn’t so much the age as it is the family responsibilities that weigh on the decision. When I was younger and I ran a business, my family was just starting and I didn’t need a lot to get by. Now, with 2 children/adults in college and one home schooled, the home stresses can add significantly to the standard business issues. Perhaps I was actually too young and should have waited until I was older and the kids were out of the house?

The problem is, when entrepreneurs see a need they have no choice but to fill it!

I agree Thomas.

So what do you think ?

I invite you to share your insights and views on this thread “Are You Too Old To Become An Entrepreneur

Feel free to share this with like-minded people and specially with the ones who are struggling to still think whether it is possible to startup now at whatever age they are in…..Isn’t it ?

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Ravi Kikan


Guest Columnist at Inc42, Growthhacker for Startups, Online Community Builder, Startup Connector, B2B Marketing Expert, Mentor
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