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Finding the right problem to solve

Finding the right problem to solve

Did it you ever wonder why some entrepreneurs are a significant success? Well, of course they work hard, but come to think of it, who doesn’t? A farmer or labourer may toil just as hard and never get close to their monetary success.
Have you wondered what it is that gives the entrepreneurs such an edge?

Fortunately, we have the answer, it’s pretty simple actually-perseverance and the kick-ass belief in their idea, team and their product!
No matter how many hurdles, rejections they faced, they persisted. It’s true that many of them walked the thorn laid road to success, but in the end, their hard work paid off.

Allow me to elaborate further. Many entrepreneurs who start a new venture sometimes cite that they were trying to solve some problem, when they found the concept for their venture. We have a fairly simple observation here; “Why” is what leads to the innovations and ideas of various start-ups. The inquisitiveness and adaptability of the human mind is what brings forth the silver lining to every difficulty that they face.

When we struggle with initial glitches in our future plans, we tend to work out the details and solve it as quickly as possible. It is fundamental human nature to solve and move on. But many entrepreneurs, the people who look past the hurdles, will face the problem differently.

For them it’s not solving the problem that answers their troubles; it’s solving the right problem that matters!

Sometimes the solution to our complex problem lies in a simple answer, yet we are unable to solve it. It mostly happens, because of our inability to decipher the core nuisance. Entrepreneurs are the people gifted with the vision of recognizing these problems and unraveling it to the world, in their ingenious ways.

Problems are opportunities waiting to be found! So believed Thomas Edison, who said, “Opportunities are missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
The solution oriented mindset of visionaries is what embarks them on their road to success. When faced with a problem they don’t think the “how”, they ponder over the “why”. Their results are generally associated with- “why not!”

Consider this lovely anecdote regarding Edward Land:

After taking the last photo, Edwin told his daughter that she would have to wait for a week to get her photos. But, she just couldn’t wait! The innocent angel demanded “Why? Why do I have to wait?”
Answering a child’s query is not a child’s play. Most parents would have given the obvious answer – “Sorry honey! But this takes time!” The answer may vary per parent, but Edwin thought “why not!”, “why don’t I make a camera that immediately gives a picture?” A simple question asked by a child, followed by the unique thinking of her father, lead to the creation of the world’s first Polaroid Camera.

Business is an innovation of such simple, yet brilliant ideas. The potential lies in recognizing these products by looking through the superficial, and understanding the core essence as determined by the market.
Let us be clear on one thing. It’s not solving the problem that helps, wasting time on the wrong problem and the wrong solution is a waste of valuable time and the resources involved. This kills your product even before it hits the market. It’s solving the right problem at right moment which changes these difficulties into opportunities.
Always remember Edward Land, and his “Why not?”, the next time you click a picture or even worry about a tiresome problem.

Note: We at Inc42 take our ethics very seriously. More information about it can be found here.