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Why Entrepreneurs Make The Best Partners

Why Entrepreneurs Make The Best Partners

Dating an entrepreneur gives a glimpse of what passion, persistence, caring, and fun means.

When it comes to dating, entrepreneurs receive a lot of criticism. I’ve read countless articles which comprehend that they’re the worst partners. They’re portrayed to be workaholic, uncaring and indifferent to their surroundings.

I disagree.

Being a part of this wonderful tribe called entrepreneurs, I can vouch that they’re the most intelligent, hardworking, passionate, and empathetic people you’d ever meet.

It takes a lot more qualities to start a business from scratch, multiple in many cases and sky is the limit.

Now this doesn’t mean that dating them will be equivalent to walking on a bed of roses. They’re all humans doing the best that they can with the available resources and time.

Here’s how they’re the sexiest to date and make the best partners.

They’re passionate

An entrepreneur’s journey is filled with constant ups and downs. While one moment they rejoice about an acquisition, the next moment they’re tensed about raising the next round of funding.

They’ve embarked on a roller coaster ride of emotions. They’re extremely passionate about their business and nothing can take its place. If you love roller coaster rides, jump in.

Along with business, they’re equally passionate about life and their partners. They know the importance of every moment, hence they love their partners fiercely.

Intense, often.

They’re persistent

If you’re in love or have ever loved an entrepreneur, you’ll know this too well.

Nothing can keep them away from their startups. Sure they do have bad days but bounce back quickly, stronger and more focused.

The same implies to a relationship. Nothing can stop them from pursuing what they want. They’re patient enough to wait until things fall in place, they’ll pursue you until you say yes. The journey will be harder than you’ve imagined, but you’ll cherish it for your lifetime.

They quickly spot a good fit and don’t give up easily when the relation hits a rough patch. They won’t leave you till the end.

They’ll make you the best version of yourself

Entrepreneurs are value adders. They chose this path to make a difference to the world, in whatever small way possible.

  • Standing idle is unknown to them, they offer help to change for the better.
  • They add value to the life of customers, team members and society on the whole.
  • In a relationship they push their partner to become better. Both add value and drive each other forward.
  • Not wanting to change you, they’ll give you a leg up to excel in whatever you do.

They don’t refrain from caring

They care for everyone they’re working for and with, it’s natural for them to go out of the way to please these people. Along with pursuing their goals vehemently, they’ll do the same for their partners. Each day they’ll tell you how much you mean to them and make you feel special because you actually are.

Keeping a relation on auto-pilot is alien to them, they take it to the level it has to reach.

It’s a fun ride – They live life to the fullest

The excitement of building an empire from scratch is unmatched, be their emotional support in this journey. They’re hustlers and strugglers celebrating every milestone, come be a part of this fun ride. Consider yourself lucky if you’re in a relationship with an entrepreneur. This will be the most wonderful and fruitful relationship.

Keep learning from each other, grow mutually and flourish together.

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