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When Entrepreneurs Fall In Love : The Best Thing About Being An Entrepreneur Couple!!

When Entrepreneurs Fall In Love : The Best Thing About Being An Entrepreneur Couple!!

He was young, charming and a tech-head. She was beautiful, creative and intelligent.

He wanted to do something on his own. She too wanted her own startup. They were introduced to each other at an event, started having discussions about entrepreneurship over coffee, created ideas together and finally fell in love with each other. Yes, might sound a bit absurd to others, but this is actually how the love story of entrepreneur couples begins.

They may be very rare, but entrepreneur couples do exist. This valentine’s day, love is in the air, so, we set out to find the best thing about entrepreneur couples, their love stories and yes, their startups as well.

They Understand Each Other

Being Entrepreneurs, both of them are familiar with the way entrepreneurs react, work, socialize, party, think, …. literally everything. They also have a fairly good of how hectic their schedules can get once important events like pitching, expansions etc are nearing. So the other half can easily understand their love’s situation and doesn’t get bored or feels ignored.

Rohan & Swati Bhargava
Rohan & Swati Bhargava

According to Swati who founded alongwith Rohan Bhargava, “ The good part about working together is that we realize the work pressures and understand & respect each other as individuals and don’t have ego issues. We are also aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses so at work, we just let the other person do what they are best at.”

They Know Best How To Impress The IN-LAWS

So, its time to tie the knot, but, the parents are still not aware of your intentions. There can not be any person better than an entrepreneur who could handle such situations. If they could take an investors money to pursue their dream, wonder what they would do to get their love.

Talks Never Get Boring

ashwini and anand
Ashwini Asokan & Anand Chandrasekaran

They are not just another couple that might kill their time smiling at each other, praising each other for no reason at all, rather entrepreneur couples prefer to spend time productively making business plans or discussing strategies. Less Flattery. Less Bullshit.

According to Ashwini Asokan, the lady and her husband Anand Chandrasekaran cofounded Mad Street Den, “being together every moment of everyday is hard. So we regularly tell each other to chill, and take it easy. We call bullshit regularly, a kind of a reality check for each other. And when one is going nuts, the other one consciously makes it a point to shut up or make a joke out of the whole thing or apologize. It works every time.”

Lighter-On-Pocket Dates

Since both of them know how important is money for their startup, and they virtually have none, so, the couples innovate and prefer to go out for lean budget dates or say Bootstrapped dates! 😉

Manage Home And Work Simultaneously

Entrepreneurs are multi taskers. They can play with their kids while checking their emails or even have an online conference while cooking. And where there is an entrepreneur couple, there is no need to worry at all about home being given any less attention while they work.

Business Trips Turn Into Vacations

Abhishek & Chitra

Some lucky entrepreneur couples together get the chance to create a startup, and, it can’t get any better. Once the lovers are working together, work is easy. The best part is the business trips. Why should you take along your employees when you can take along your partner and have fun, turning boring business trip into moments you could cherish a lifetime.

According to Abhishek Daga, who cofounded Thrillophilia together with his spouse Chitra, “ The best part of working as an entrepreneur couple is that the founders think, talk, in fact breathe the business all the time, even on a holiday. It becomes an integral part of their family life too!”

Squeeze Out Time For Friends And Family From Hectic Schedules

They may be busy as hell. But, if matters to somebody they love or care for, entrepreneurs will give it their best shot to be there. That’s why everyone loves them.

Swetha Mothey quotes, “The best thing about being an entrepreneur couple is strengthening each of their commitment and enjoyment of both the business and personal sides of the partnership.” Swetha co-founded Giftingnation with her husband Srinivas Mothey. 

An Equally Efficient Helping Hand At Work

“The best thing about being an entrepreneur couple is to get opportunities to solve challenges together professionally, ride on the emotional highs & lows when the going gets tough” , feels Garima Satija Nandi, who along with her husband Richik Nandi cofounded Bangalore based PoshVine.

It’s almost a daily affair for an entrepreneur to have long working hours and sleepless nights, while preparing the presentations or while analysing reports. Marrying or living-in with another entrepreneur just eases the workload and provides an equally efficient helping hand to ease off burden besides finishing off the task well within the stipulated deadline.

And Finally, No Repeated Idiotic Calls From Your Partner With The Same Question: kahan ho?

This by far would be the best part of being an entrepreneur couple. None of the partners has to worry about what their partner would be thinking whilst they are busy with work.

Try this with someone else, either you would not be able to stay away from your phone all the time or you would find them busy with a new lover.

End of the day, you know yourself how difficult it is for people to spend time with you. The word entrepreneur can shock some and the phrase ‘I Love You’ from an entrepreneur’s mouth can traumatize many. So, Entrepreneurs, stop troubling other people, this 14th feb, play safe and go find yourself an equally stubborn, impatient and fearless cofounder to startup the venture called relationship.