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7 Funny Things Which Prove that Entrepreneurs Are Just Like Children

7 Funny Things Which Prove that Entrepreneurs Are Just Like Children

Entrepreneurs are children at heart. Today on the occasion of Children’s day, here are some traits that stay with us despite growing up:

Born to be Stubborn

Children are stubborn, they do what pleases them irrespective what the world tells them to do. Simply put they take decisions and risks as per their conscience or mood at a given point of time.

Entrepreneurs are born stubborn. Though they might make logical decisions most of the times, but once they got a knack for doing something like cracking a deal, building certain product features, hiring a team or even going head to head with Goliath, it’s their gut that drives them.


No matter what happens, they always stay Motivated

We all have seen children who are hell-bent on doing something and just won’t give up, no matter what happens. Same goes with most successful entrepreneurs. No matter how many times they fail, they’ll get up and keep on going!

crying kid

Always Want to Know More! Being Curious in the Blood

Children are highly curious, they always want to know the “how”, “where” and the “why” of everything.

Entrepreneurs are slightly better. Along with the “why”, “where”, “how” they also want to add their suggestions and advice to every situation they encounter.

surprised kids

Sleep Comes at Odd Times

The sleep cycle of a child and an entrepreneur are very similar. Both can fall asleep at any place or at any time. They take various short naps at times and can sleep for hours(days) at times.


No money, so cheers to pocket money

Entrepreneurs and children, both do not have the luxury to spend money at their will. From teenage to an adult entrepreneur not much has changed when it comes to their financial life. Still wondering to save money and buy something next year!


Khatron Ke Khiladi

“Where there is a risk, there is an entrepreneur and a child”, goes a common proverb (ok, we just made it up right now). Children and entrepreneurs also share this trait of doing things which are risky and non-conventional.


Gets bored easily, always keep on looking for something new

“Being bored” is a trademark of children and of entrepreneurs. Both are equally restless and boundless. Nothing can contain them to doing menial odd jobs or following a routine. Adventure is name of the game!


Let us know in the comments below if you have some more similarities to share!

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