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6 Ways to Increase Employee Motivation – Without Raises Or Promotions

6 Ways to Increase Employee Motivation – Without Raises Or Promotions

Question: What’s one way I can motivate my employees without using a raise or promotion as an incentive?

Communicate With Them

Communication is key. Find out what your employees value most and talk to them. At Aligned Signs, we make sure to listen to our team’s concerns and feelings and we provide other means of compensation to show appreciation such as long lunch breaks, working from home and congratulating them when they do a stellar performance.”

JESSICA BAKER, Aligned Signs

Make Them Care

“This one’s easy – give them ownership of their job. Give them a reason beyond a paycheck why they should care about the work they do. And if they aren’t passionate about their job, talk to them and find out how you can help them be passionate.”

STEVEN BUCHWALD, Buchwald & Associates

Host Company Activities

“As an SEO agency working in high-pressure situations in an ever-changing environment, it’s hard to help employees balance work and life. Employee satisfaction and happiness directly correlates with motivation and work quality. My team and I take ski/snowboard trips together, go on a whitewater rafting trip in the summer, and on occasion, I take them out for drinks after work.”


Recognise Their Hard Work

“Some people aren’t motivated by money or gift cards. They prefer public recognition because it shows their co-workers that they’re doing a good job and are appreciated for it. Recognise your employees in front of the team, and be genuine. People can spot a fake boss who hands out compliments to everyone for just about anything.”

BEN WALKER, Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

Bond With Them

This past summer we had the most incredible team outing day at The Crescent Beach Club in Bayville, New York. The entire day was planned for the team from the limo ride out to Long Island, to beach volleyball and kayaking. It was a bonding experience for our agency and everyone still talks about it as the most fun day of the year. We will be doing it again this summer!”


Treat Them To Dinner

“Treat your employee to a dinner for two at one of their favorite restaurants or a place you know they have wanted to try. If they are a sports fan, concert goer or lover of classical art performances, you can put a cherry on top by throwing in a couple tickets to that as well.”


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