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The 5 Ps Of Being A CEO: Passion, People, Priorities, Profits & Personality

The 5 Ps Of Being A CEO: Passion, People, Priorities, Profits & Personality

jayneel patelJayneel Patel
Jayneel is the CEO @ OpenXcell, Leading Mobile App Development Company and Orderhive, a SaaS based Multichannel Order and Inventory Management System

The world is full of CEOs, good CEOs and great CEOs but an awesome CEO comes once in a blue moon. Why does the world remember Tony Hsieh, CEO of a once very small company called Zappos? And why does Amazon even after buying the company out, lets Tony call the shots? Points to wonder, aren’t they?

I have been a CEO for a while now. During my short stint, I tried to better myself as a person and as a leader, every single day. Perfection is a journey and not a destination, during this journey I crossed few milestones that I’d like to share with you. The qualities I am about to talk about are according to me, makes an awesome CEO.

The Passion: If you don’t like, love what you do, there is almost a certain chance that your employees wouldn’t too. It is your idea and you should be the person ready to go all in into it. Passion and energy are the most viral qualities that I know of. If you are passionate about your idea, it will automatically circulate in your organization and you’d be able to be the guiding light of your people.

The People: You might be the mightiest warrior ever to set foot on the arena, but you still won’t capture the whole world. You need an army and a mighty one. You need people who believe in your idea. You need people who believe in you. Your employees are not just recruits or workforce, they are people with own likes, dislikes and passion. You as a CEO must be able to channelize their passion to be coherent to yours and your organization. And then you can rise and shine!

The Priorities: A CEO has a vision to run things around but he needs to be a great task master too. A few things are needed to be done either daily or on an immediate basis. Procrastination and indecisiveness are the worst traits a CEO can posses, you should know how to put first things first. Quite a few things may be correct and eventually beneficial to your organization but deciding what to do next, separates a great leader from others.

The Profits and Losses: A company is run on financials. Cash flow is a zero tolerance subject and it cannot be tampered with. You are the person responsible for its health. You have to take tough decisions at times and stand by it. You need not be unfair, but leniency doesn’t have a place on a CEO’s resume.

The Personality: A CEO is not just like any other employee. You do not have a switch to shut down being a CEO. Your views are the company’s views. Your frustration is company’s dripping success. You are your company. You are the leader. You cannot fake being one. It has to come from within. An awesome CEO is also an awesome Human being. He walks the talk, he understands his people. He treats the destination as the beginning of a journey to better roads.

An awesome CEO is someone who can balance a respectful and engaging company culture with business objectives. At the same time, he must realize that a vision may belong to the CEO, but without the dedication and hard work of those under the CEO, that vision is but a dream.

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