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Witworks Launches Wifi Enabled Audio Streaming Device Trippy & Handheld Electric Device For Cleaning Utensils Scrubbl

Witworks Launches Wifi Enabled Audio Streaming Device Trippy & Handheld Electric Device For Cleaning Utensils Scrubbl

Bangalore based startup, Witworks, a collaborative invention company, which designs and sells consumer products created by its online community has announced launch of two new products i.e. Trippy and Scrubbl.

Trippy is a Wifi enabled audio streaming device that lets you stream music/audio from your phone/laptop to any speaker over Wifi; while, on the other side, Scrubbl is a solution to the widely faced problem of cleaning utensils, that could potentially change the way dishes are cleaned all over, and add a new must-have device for everyone’s kitchens.


Omkar Kulkarni, a VLSI Design Engineer, got the idea for his product Trippy, while trying to play music on his home speakers. “I have really amazing speakers, but it isn’t Wi-Fi enabled. But I didn’t want to buy expensive wireless speakers. It struck me that we could have something that would make my existing speakers Wi-Fi enabled,” he tells.

Trippy is a device which attaches to any speaker with a standard aux cable and turns them into Wi-Fi enabled speakers. With Trippy, one can stream any music/audio from your phones or computers to your speakers. Using Wi-Fi to stream music allows Trippy to play music from many devices, turning it into a Jukebox.

How It Works?

Trippy works with the Trippy App, which will be available on Android and iOS Stores for free, the app helps configure Trippy to connect to your local Wi-Fi, after which you can start streaming music to your Trippy, and can be carried anywhere.

  • Attach Trippy to your favorite speakers with a standard aux cable.
  • Switch on the Trippy app. It detects your Trippy and helps it connect to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Now you can stream any audio on your phone through Airplay, uPnP or Trippy enabled apps.

trippy working

Technical Specifications

technical specifications

The way Chromecast had revolutionalized video streaming on television and made it accessible to every app, Trippy wanted to do the same for audio. Trippy utilizes the benefits of efficient streaming algorithms to optimize its processing and power requirements. This makes it last longer on a single charge while being powerful.

Trippy is available for any app to implement with its Broadcast API and lets one stream raw audio from app. For apps which use a streaming link to deliver audio to their listeners, Trippy has the ability to play a streaming RTSP link.

trippy 2

Trippy is currently compatible with all Airplay and uPnP app players. Thus, it works with all music streaming iOS app like Gaana, Deezer, Spotify etc. It also works with uPnP music player apps in Android like Bubble uPnP.


Bina Keshava, wanted a simple solution for washing utensils as no one likes doing dishes with hands, as the alternatives like a dishwasher are really expensive and ineffective, thus, to make it a easy and less expensive process, Bina came up with the idea of Scrubbl, which is a handheld electric device which makes it super easy to wash utensils and that to without having to touch them.

How It Works?

Scrubbl comes in three parts: The Handle, Brush Head and Scrub Head.


  • As soon as it touches the surface of the utensil, it springs into action.
  • The head has a rotational oscillation over the surface at a very high frequency to remove any oil and stains.
  • Rinse the utensils.

Technical Specifications


What makes Scrubbl awesome is that it only moves when it presses upon the utensil surface. Further, the device does not rotate, istead it has a rotational oscillation motion. Its head oscillates back and forth at a very high frequency of upto 700 per minute.

Witworks was founded by three IIT Kharagpur alumni; namely – Somnath Meher, Ankit DP and Chandrashekhar Iyer in 2014. The three of them worked for a couple of years at Google, ITC and Tata Steel respectively, before quitting their jobs to build Witworks.

The company brings Inventors, Consumers and Investors on a common platform. The model is designed to collect new product ideas from end users and get a direct consumer validation based on community feedback. The top rated ideas are internally evaluated for practical and financial viability. Witworks then leverages its product design expertise, along with 3rd party manufacturing/distribution channels to get these products to market. While the users can invent, influence, or even invest on a new product, the entire engaging community gets to earn in the process.

Witworks’ pilot product Rewind, a unique solution to the problem of earphone entanglement has sold 20,000 units so far, to individual and corporate customers. The company was started with a seed investment of INR 10,00,000 from IIT Kharagpur, in October, 2014 the team further raised an Angel round of INR 50,00,000. The startup is currently gearing up for a bridge round/Series-A post it’s new product launches.

Both the new products, Trippy & Scrubbl are out for a 30 day time-bound preorder with a 1,000 units goal for each. The company shall get them into production, only if when they hit the required numbers.

Checkout Trippy &  Scrubbl and let us know what you think about these products.