Seems troubles for taxi operators are not going to end any day soon. Its been months, since these cab booking services have been facing tough time in operating their business in the country. These companies had started operating in Delhi months back despite of the cold rift with the authorities on the status whether or not they can operate in the city. In a recent development, the New Delhi govt. has asked Ola and Uber to cease their operation in the city or the licences will not be issued to the companies, says Reuters.

A report by Mint states that the Delhi Govt has also asked the IT ministry to block Ola and Uber apps.

It all started post a case, where a female passenger was raped by an Uber driver last year in December, which led to govt banning unregistered web-mobile based cab services and the companies were further asked to obtain operating licences and then only resume service in the city. Uber had ceased its operations during that time, but later, it resumed its operations, whereas Ola continued to operate in the city.

“In order to process your application further, I am directed to seek a sworn affidavit declaring therein that you are complying with the ban order imposed upon your company in letter and spirit,” an official from the transport department said.

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