Former Microsoft GM Rahul Sood Raises $2.5 Mn For His Gaming Startup Unikrn

Former Microsoft GM Rahul Sood Raises $2.5 Mn For His Gaming Startup Unikrn

Rahul Sood, the former general manager of Microsoft Ventures has closed $ 2.5 Mn in funding for his gaming startup Unikrn.

According to the SEC filing, Rahul is joined by Karl Flores, the CEO and co-founder of Australian in-game video ad startup Pinion.

Rahul had announced his departure from Microsoft earlier this month in a post on LinkedIn, in the post itself he talked about his new venture.

“I’m on a mission to create something great, therefore I’ll be leaving Microsoft to create Unikrn (details forthcoming)… I may be distracted for a little while but you may contact us at Unikrn’s website, or find me on FacebookLinkedIn,or Twitter. We are looking for some good talent in the Seattle area.

“We’re thankful for the support so far, and what’s great is our investors are very supportive of us building in Seattle,” he said.

However, details of the startup have been kept secret by Rahul but it appears that it has to do something with in-game advertising.


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