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The 3 ‘R’s That Your Emails Need To Have Today!

The 3 ‘R’s That Your Emails Need To Have Today!

Wondering why your customers aren’t coming back? I’m certain that your service is better than your competitor, or that your prices are cheaper, or that your app UI looks so much cleaner than the rest. None of that really matters. Businesses forget that consumers are human beings, and that they are attracted to anything novel that they’ve never experienced before. It doesn’t matter that you have your favourite restaurant – the day a swanky, new place opens up down the road, you want to be the first to try it out. You don’t do it because your favourite restaurant isn’t your favourite anymore, but because you crave the new!

Let’s face it, your customers have short term memories. They have to be reminded why you’re the best, with copy and images that are compelling. At Nudgespot, we send 50+ million email messages every month and actively look for great emails that drive behaviour that’s critical to your business.

Here are 3 examples of compelling emails that made me as a user, personally act on them.



Why I like this email: It’s reactive! Airbnb probably realised that after not hearing back from the host of an apartment that I liked, I would start looking for alternatives. But I was forced to check out the alternatives in their email, because they emailed me at the right time. Now my customer experience isn’t hampered at all.


linkedinemail (1)

Why I like this email: It’s relevant!  LinkedIn knows that I have a company page and that I’m an admin, and assumes that I probably would need to hire some people in the short or medium term. That insight, combined with some great copy, would make most people act on it immediately (and I did!)



Why I like this email: It’s random! Uber shows beautifully how less is more with simple, easy-to-read copy. But more importantly, irrespective of how loyal a customer I am, Uber gives me a treat with ice cream delivered instantly, and at a perfect time of the year – a great lesson in being timely and concise. Ice cream isn’t even their core business, but I’m interested! No matter whether you’re an Uber loyalist or not, they’ll always capture your attention.

There are many such examples of beautiful and simple emails that make sure that you’re always at the back of your customer’s mind. It’s absolutely fine if they want to try something new once in a while, as long as they always get reminded about why they need to come back! All the above examples prove that it’s easy to do that without being overbearing, and simply by treating your customers as human beings.

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