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Meet The Top 11 Startups From Nasscom 10,000 Startups’ #TechMarch2016 Mumbai Edition

Meet The Top 11 Startups From Nasscom 10,000 Startups’ #TechMarch2016 Mumbai Edition

Coming Soon To Delhi/NCR On October 8

Nasscom 10,000 Startups recently announced TechMarch – an initiative to bring together smart hardware startups driving innovation. The programme includes an eight-city tour to invite applications from startups in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Cochin, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Kolkata.

So far, 300+ applications have been received and 27 startups have already been selected from Bengaluru (14), Hyderabad (7), and Cochin (6).

The next stop in the series was Mumbai, which the Nasscom 10,000 Startups’ team reached on October 3.  With an insightful session with Guruprasad Rao, the Senior Director of Imaginarium (Asia’s largest prototyping factory), the roadshow kickstarted with a visit to KJ Somaiya College to meet a few hardware startups. It then proceeded towards SINE IIT Mumbai as Plugin (an initiative of DST, SINE, and Intel) – which provides hardware acceleration. Finally, the roadshow ended at  Microsoft Accelerator -backed Indian School of Design & Innovation (ISDI).

Here Are The Selected Startups From The TechMarch Roadshow In Mumbai:

jprinterJ Group Robotics: The company is a leading manufacturer of FDM & DLP, 3D printers, material science and more. Last year it, launched the Dimension Delta series of 3D printers which are meant for very high-quality, precision 3D printing (with no post-processing) using ABS, PLA, and a vast array of other high-strength materials ranging from wood to metal.

Soul & Protector: It is a project to safeguard girls/women, senior citizen or anyone vulnerable from the unexpected dangers of life like rape, molestation , physical assault, and robbery. It does not need any mobile app. It is based on GPS and GSM/CDMA technology.

Faclon Labs Pvt Ltd: It provides end-to-end solutions for remote monitoring and automation requirements focussed in making cities and villages smart. The team has an assortment of devices connected over long range RF and 3G technologies, sending sensed data to the cloud. The cloud finally delivers high-end insights and analytics to end-users in the most efficient and easy to understand way, thereby empowering them with real-time complex insights to deliver perfection.

soundrexSoundRex: The team is developing the next generation of sound technology for better sound experience in concerts. They propose that everyone who goes to the concerts gets a wearable wristband speaker. Now, instead of listening from just two speakers in front, the user gets to listen from 1000s of spatially distributed speakers.

innovisionInnovisiontech (Inceptor Technologies Pvt Ltd): Innovision is focusssed on technological innovation for impact. Their first product is BrailleMe – a smart Braille assistant for digital accessibility for the visually impaired. It has been made affordable (10X price advantage) due to a patent filed Braille actuator technology developed in-house. It enables the user to read, type, edit, and navigate digital content in Braille, like a tablet and also connects to other computers, smartphone etc. for user access in Braille.

carenxCareNx Innovation Pvt. Ltd: CareNx  has developed “CareMother”, a mobile pregnancy care solution for early identification ofhigh-riskk pregnancies. This includes a portable kit of medical devices and a mobile application to be used by hospitals, NGOs and other healthcare institutions through their existing chain of health-workers.

BleeTech Innovations: Blee is a wearable band for people suffering from deafness that converts emergency sound alerts to vibrations and light. User can record and save any sound from the environment. Whenever the same sound is picked by the band, it vibrates and notifies user about the sound.

e14-technologiesE14 Technologies Pvt Ltd: The product is aimed to provide a Ferrari or Audi like colour LCD dashboard for every car which users can install in no time. The UI on the dashboard can be upgraded from a online marketplace where one could go from a standard looking dial format to an Ironman kind of data-rich interface, get Maps and other IoT rich features like real-time traffic alerts.

intuit-thingsIntuit Things: It provides end-to-end IoT solutions for home automation applications. It claims to provide innovative and intelligent solutions based on the IoT platform which will offer applications like intrusion monitoring at affordable prices.

saral-designsSaral Designs: Saral designs is making sanitary napkins for menstrual hygiene under the brand name “Aisha Ultra” using a decentralised manufacturing model involving micro-enterprises in rural India. It is also designing vending machines (branded as “Suvidha”) to be installed in toilets in different markets to make these napkins easily available for women.

Seven: It is developing a health-focussed smartwatch, entirely from the ground up, for performing portable, cost-effective, on-demand, on-the-go ECGs and optical blood pressure on the wrist, over and above doing basic fitness tracking like steps, floors, sleep, distance etc.

The Applications For These Cities Are Still On, Interested Startups Can Apply Here.

Check out some pictures from the event here: