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Witty marketing tricks show how brands are fighting each other to reach to the top. They are great as long as you can pull them off successfully. Last Week Zo Rooms Trolled OYO Rooms on its app launch and now Stayzilla has Trolled Housing’s CEO Rahul Yadav with following tweets. These Tweets showed #2KindOfEntrepreneurs mocking Rahul Yadav. Take a look.

1. On his comment about board members calling them “intellectually incapable”

2. On Not keeping his word and withdrawing his resignation and his apology for speaking ill about the board members.

3. On his “Noble Act” of giving away Half Of Their Shares To Their Employees.

rahul yadav

And the Stark Comparison With Rajnikanth Continued

4. On his being obsessed about his product and calling it unique with no selling point.

5. How he created problems for himself as well as for others in the name of opportunity.

6. On how there are way too many billboard when you look up telling you to ‘look up’

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