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Must Reads Of The Week: 11 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [16 – 21 March]

Must Reads Of The Week: 11 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On [16 – 21 March]

The select stories series bringing to you the best of articles from our website and from resources across the globe is here again. No need to lookup (:P) anywhere else for your dose of entrepreneur resources, just go through the must reads of the week, and you are done.

Major Bug In Ola App Can Make You Either Rich Or Poor!

Possibly the next big thing in the Indian startup ecosystem, the cab booking app services are doing good business. The apps have registered quite a lot of customers in the near past and are getting the attention from the investors as well. Though the cab providers might claim their services to be safe, But, how safe are their apps? Are they bug free?

Follow the complete report here on why these apps are not as secure and bug free as you might believe

How I Got 2.3 Mn App Downloads Without Spending A Cent On Marketing

You might always be wishing of getting thousands of users as you launch your product in the market. The key to this, as some would say, is to spend big on your marketing. But, really? Can’t there be a million users without any paid marketing? If you think there can’t be, then you are mistaken.

Learn how an app created in just 6 hours, gathered 2.3 Mn users, and went on to get acquired after just 18 months and that too without any spending on the marketing.

Are Accelerators Failing Startups Or Is It A Case Of “Zombie Startups” Jumping From One Accelerator To Another

About half the applications received by the accelerators are from startups that have already been mentored by some other accelerator. Are the accelerators failing to serve the purpose they were built for or in a race to sport the best of figures, they are creating Zombie Startups?

Follow the author’s report based on his personal interaction with the startups and learn the truth.

How I, A Designer, Learned To Code & Released An App In 4 Months

Everything was going great for Zoltán Hosszú. His widget GAget was a topic of discussion and he was in news, until the release of Yosemite OS by Apple. The new OS disabled GAget and the only way for the HTML, CSS designer was to code at the backend.

What followed was the story of a designer, who, after few weeks of struggle, ended up learning coding and developing his own app.

The Only Ten Things You Need To Know To Be A Startup CEO

Can the person who had the idea, who raised over $ 30Mn for the startup, the one who did two acquisitions as well for the same company, could be shown the door? No? Well, James Altucher was.

Becoming a CEO and being on the chair is a good, but at the same time, challenging experience. But, a few pointers on being the better CEO might be all what it could take to save you from the wrath of your fellow board members and your investors.

Read on as James Altucher shares his experience and the dos and dont’s to be the best startup CEO.

The Dangerous & Rewarding Path To Building Deep Value Relationships With Investors

If you think maintaining good relationships in your personal and social life is essential, then doing so in professional life is nothing less than a necessity. And for entrepreneurs, it could be a daunting task, especially when it comes to pleasing the investors. Though the path to investors pocket might be dangerous, but it is rewarding as well.

Learn how to master the art of building meaningful relationships. Read here.

From Around the web

Behind TaxiForSure’s sellout

The laws of our land are infamous for bringing down huge businesses and sometimes even wrecking the smaller ones. Another such sad story, that forces many entrepreneurs to think of the hazards of operating in the country, is of the ambitious cofounders of Cab aggregator service TaxiForSure. No one in the startup industry had thought the startup would end up in such a fate, but, it did.

Read on the story that follows the tragic sellout of the TFS.

How much is a Customer Worth?

Although they might be charging their customers, but many businesses out there are not making profit on some of their products, rather they are losing money with each of the unit sold. But, why are the businesses bearing losses without caring? Is getting new customers so much valuable?

Here’s how the money lost today might bring in greater returns tomorrow

How Apple Will Make the Wearable Market

Apple, since its inception, has been known to woo its customers and turn around heads in the tech industry with almost every product in its kitty. Be it the IMac, the Ipod, the Iphone or even the Macbook, apple always has been ahead of its competition. With the launch of its watch, Apple has given everyone a hint of the space it is now about to venture into- The wearable technology.

Could Apple watch bring another sensation in the tech market? Read here

Dear Teacher, A Video Game Developer Is A Real Job And Should Be Celebrated

Today, due to the advances in the technology, we live in a world full of bloggers, developers and coders. But, some stereotyped persons might still believe 9-5 jobs to be the best professions. But, who is to tell these persons that this trend is soon going to vanish from the society.

Read a parent’s reply to his child’s teacher, the teacher who doesn’t think of video game developing as a real profession.

The Only 10 Slides Needed When Pitching Your Business (Infographic)

Getting ready to pitch to investors. Still not sure about what to include and what not. Though the main purpose of the pitch should be to create an interest in the minds of the investors, but some pitches focus on every aspect of the startup, definitely not the right way to score a funding. Avoiding little mistakes might make the difference between a poor and an amazing pitch.

So, don’t make anymore mistakes, read about these 10 slides and learn all that you need to make a successful pitch.